Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Believe

March 3, 2013

Oh, Walking Dead, just when I think I can quit you, you suck me right back in. I've been waiting and waiting to see Morgan again, and the episode did not disappoint. We'll see if I can still stomach the show after next week's showdown with the Governor. Nothing at all against David Morrissey, but eh, I'm just not feeling the menace like I think I should be. Oh well.

Wait…one last thing. The cat? The one Michonne when back for? Oh…I laughed and laughed. But honestly, how awesome to sort of see her unbend just a smidge. Even if the whole Woodbury Wackiness falls flat, it might be worth watching just to see more of that. J

All righty then…on to the post. Tonight's preview is from Believe. I'm barely started on the actual manuscript…the silly sages are feeding me scenes in no particular order. Little imps. But that's okay, I'll get the whole thing eventually. LOL

Here's the tagline:

Shaelyn Hardwick is a talented mage, but lacks control. When she inadvertently causes another's death, she flees under the cover of darkness. Innis Talmadge goes to the mat for Shaelyn and gets dismissed for his efforts. He tracks her down and a battle ensues. Shaelyn doesn't trust her ability, but she trusts Innis and he has to show her how to believe in herself again.

And here's the preview snippet…

Shaelyn entered her room and sucked in a harsh breath.
"Shaelyn." Innis pushed away from the wall, his booted heel hitting the floor.
Innis had tracked her. She should have known. Not hard to do when she left a trail of destruction behind her wherever she went.
She tossed her bag on the bed. "Innis. What brings you all the way out to the Fringe?"
He snorted. "Like you don't know. Did you really think no one would miss you? That I wouldn't?" He crossed the room, stepping in front of the door.
Smart guy. She'd had every intention of bolting outside. Unable to leave, she sank down on the bed and waited. If he wanted to talk, he could damn well start the conversation. She had no desire to help him out.
Crossing his arms over his chest, he got right to the point. "Why run, Shaelyn? An inquiry would've cleared you." Grabbing a side chair, he spun it around and dropped down onto it, resting his arms on the back.
How to answer the question? She'd taken off because she didn't want to be let off the hook. And she couldn't face staying and having everyone afraid of her. If only she'd taken his advice and slowed down a little. But nope, she had to keep pushing and testing her limits. He'd warned her…so many times she'd lost count. Be careful. Stay focused. Don't practice in the non-designated areas. Someone could get hurt.
She sighed. "You always rode my ass. I never listened."
The rapid change of subject didn't faze him. He'd always been good at following her train of thought.
Innis wouldn't insult her by denying the truth. "No, you didn't. And you learned a hard lesson."
Shaelyn almost choked. "Hard lesson? No, Innis. I killed someone."
A friend. Someone she cared about. All because she wouldn't slow the hell down.
He shook his head. "You caused their death. There is a difference."
The truth in his words almost let her believe everything would be okay. Almost. But the cold fist of pain grabbed her heart and she shuddered.
Her voice went hard. "Not in my book." No one could let her off the hook, but her.
Innis blew out a long breath. "Well, then. I guess you're through." He scooted back and rose from the seat.
Shaelyn nodded. "Damn right I am." She started to rise, but he flung the chair across the room…without moving a muscle.
She plopped back down. "Shit. But you're not, are you?" She lifted her chin and met his gaze.
His head jerked back and forth. "No, I'm not. You can stay out here on the Fringe and hide if you want. But I give you maybe three weeks before you're climbing the walls and trying to push your boundaries again. And what then, Shae? Destroy the town? Take out a chunk of the planet? Is that how you want things to play out?"
She pressed her lips together, keeping a tight rein on her reaction. He knew her too damned well. She wouldn't be able to resist the pull for long. And she couldn't control her abilities…obviously.
Innis crouched down, resting his arms on her knees. "I know you're freaked out. I get it. But you need to think things through, Shae. Reflect on your options." He squeezed her thighs lightly then stood and made his way to the door. "I'm two doors down." He pulled the door open and exited.
Shaelyn flopped back on the bed. Think and reflect. Two things she never did well. Rolling up onto the mattress, she grabbed a pillow and tucked it under her head. She tried to let her thoughts drift, to not focus on what Innis recommended. But her brain always went back to choices. Stay on the Fringe and make her own way, or go back with Innis and face the inquiry. On top of everything, she couldn't quite shake the image of her out of control power striking down a fellow mage. And that sent another even more terrifying picture running rampant.
A vision of Innis falling in front of her, smoke flying from her fingertips, grabbed hold in her head and she could not let it go.
Sitting upright, she shook her head. "No, not him." He meant too much to everyone…to her. "I won't be responsible for his death, too."
Jumping up, she grabbed her bag, tossing in the few items she'd removed the night before. She had to leave. Escape before she caused more damage.
And she needed to do it now.

Poor Shaelyn. She's going to find out there's no place she can run to that Innis won't find her. And it will frustrate the hell out of her. :D

That's it for this week.



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