Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Kidnapped

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms out there!

If the past few weeks hadn't been insanely busy, I would have planned ahead and had something featuring a mother/child dynamic. Sadly, I didn't think of it until just now.

Tonight's post is from Kidnapped, a novella with some fantasy and magical elements mixed in. Throw in preconceived notions and a long standing feud between the nobility and the commoners and Seb and Jaina have some hurdles to leap over.

Here's the tagline:

Jaina Wraith discovers Seb Morrison is a member of the nobility and she kidnaps him, fully intent on having him executed. When Seb reminds her how many times he's come to her aid, she has to decide whether to help him escape or leave him to a tragic fate.

And the preview snippet…

A blast of cold hit Seb in the face, the water sluicing down his cheeks, soaking the collar of his shirt. A quick shake of his head cleared most of the liquid and definitely jolted him back to consciousness. He blinked, removing a few droplets from his eyes and got his first good look at his kidnapper.
Jaina. Son of a bitch.
She smirked. "Did you really think you'd get away with playing the commoner?" Her boot heels clattered to the floor and she shot up out of her chair. "Did you honestly believe I wouldn't discover your charade?" She bent forward, her face inches from his. "Your noble blood will run in the streets…soon."
Seb growled. "You’re letting the circumstances of my birth dictate how you see me. You have no idea how I feel about what happens to those who aren’t born under the protection of nobility. No. Idea." He struggled against the restraints, trying to loosen the bonds.
Jaina scooted the chair closer and sank back down. "So, you’re an idealist then? I’m supposed to believe that?" A sneer marred her otherwise beautiful face.
Seb snorted. "Why would you? I’m the dreaded and despised, yes?" He worked the ropes, feeling a little more give. "But you don’t know what I’ve done, do you? You have no concept of the lengths I’ve gone to for your cause." Just a little more and he could escape.
Jaina met his gaze and tilted her head sideways, studying him with serious intent. He stopped moving, hoping against hope she'd put the picture together and connect his behind the scenes deeds with her exploits. He held firm and steady, letting her see the truth in his eyes, opening up completely for the first time—maybe ever. Seb wanted her to know and understand he'd back her up with whatever means he had at his disposal. If she failed to see how much he could do, he didn't care if she turned him over to the Common Means.
Jaina leaned back and folded her arms across her chest. "I think you better start giving me an idea or there will truly be no hope for you."
Seb finally got his hands free, but did nothing more than rub at the chafed skin. Her eyes widened and her tongue darted out to wet her bottom lip.
A tinge of respect crept into her gaze. "You have very little time. Are you going to run, or start talking?"
Seb lifted a brow. "You know I won't flee. I have no means." She'd seen to that by causing the crash.
A guilty flush bloomed across her cheeks. "Yes, well, I might have a way to set things right, but…" a hand shot out and grasped his, "I have to know if I can trust you."
Seb squeezed her fingers and leaned forward, holding her gaze. "Jaina, think about it. I've saved your life twice."
She reached down and pulled a knife from her boot, cutting the bonds at his feet. "Time for me to return the favor." She rose and hauled him upward. "We have to hurry. They'll be arriving at any moment."
Seb grabbed her arm, halting her progress. "Jaina. Just show me which way to go. I have a price on my head. You don't have to come with me."
She shrugged. "I know. But I want to." Tugging him forward, she cast a quick glance over her shoulder. "Especially since I’m the one who put it there. You'll at least have a chance if I'm with you."
Her logic sound, he didn't argue. He'd much rather have her by his side, not only might it buy him some time if caught, but also afford him the opportunity to act on the blossoming attraction they shared.
Quite honestly, he'd never met anyone like her and he didn't plan to let her out of his sight anytime soon.  

I'm not very far into this one but the sages have some interesting ideas for throwing roadblocks in Seb and Jaina's way. Should be so much fun to maneuver around them. J

That's all for this week.



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