Thursday, May 29, 2014

Banner Thursday—A Magical Affair

Today, I'm featuring the cover for my recently re-released ménage title, A Magical Affair, published by my personal imprint, Starry Sky Press.

For this cover, I hoped to convey a feel for the estate where the story takes place and also include the playful and adventurous, yet steamy vibe for the characters. I found what I consider a perfect picture for both.

Take a look…

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Tagline: A mansion atop a wellspring of magic lets Romy, Heath, and Stacie live out their fantasies.

Blurb: Romy Bludd and Heath Graystone are very adventurous and happily explore the wilder side of sex. Romy meets Jarvin and Vivica, who give her an opportunity to spend Halloween weekend at Magic Meadows, a mansion sitting atop an ancient wellspring of magic. Romy accepts the offer because she and Heath want to add someone else to the mix and Romy's best friend, Stacie, is back from a ten month stay abroad. The timing couldn't be better for the trio to live out their lustful fantasies.

The mansion and its owners are capable of wondrous transformations, giving Romy and Stacie a wealth of choices to rock Heath's world. A character from his favorite urban thriller, a cougar on the prowl, the plain librarian who wants to hook up with her boss, a roller derby diva with aggression issues, and a reporting duo with blackmail on their minds are on the agenda for the romp-filled weekend.

Heath is thrilled, but he really wants one thing—for Romy to give up control and let him call the shots.


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