Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Not on the Same Page

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's and mother figures out there. J

So… S.H.I.E.L.D. should have a great season ender and hopefully a kick awesome season two! Really glad to see it got renewed. Arrow… man, my head is still spinning from last week's episode. I'm REALLY looking forward to the finale. I've heard some rumors about what to expect and I'm dying to see how things wind up. Orphan Black? The show makes my brain spin. Can't say I'm sad to see one particular dude gone, mainly because it plays directly in to what I'd love to see happen with Rachel. And the stuff with Helena makes my skin crawl, seriously.

Tonight's post is from, Not on the Same Page, something of an angsty, twisty-turny novella. Fun to write if all goes according to plan. *side-eyes the sages*

Here's the tagline:

Irini Domaine loves Nathair Sofen but marries another to fulfill a familial obligation. When she suggests carrying on the relationship with Nathair he coldly refuses, which makes Irini vow to slowly but surely convince him otherwise.

And a preview snippet…

Irini sighed and snuggled down under the comforter. She barely noticed when Braca pressed a kiss to her forehead and mumbled about the cold. A warm, languid, and fulfilled hum coursed through her veins.
Several moments later, Braca called from the front room. "I'm headed out, Irini. Should only be gone overnight this time."
Irini poked her head out from under the covers. "Safe journey, Braca." A twinge of guilt creeped into her contentment, but she drifted back to sleep before it could take root.
She awoke to a loud pounding on her front door.
Sliding from the bed, she glanced out the window. The sun glowed high in the sky. Damn, she'd slept the entire morning away. Dragging on a robe, she stumbled through the house and opened the heavy oak slab.
Blinking against the blinding light, Nathair's angry visage greeted her. So happy to see him, she couldn't form intelligible words. A wide smile worked its way to her lips… but didn't stay long.
Nathair shoved his way into her home, slamming the door behind him. The room plunged into half-light, but Irini didn't need brightness. Nathair's rage rolled off him in waves.
He whirled and faced her. "What the hell are you doing, Iri? Invading my dreams?"
Doing what to his dreams? That meant… oh, no… she'd shared every intimate detail with Nathair.
Her eyes widened. "But I didn't… you don't think I intentionally visited you while we slept?" He shot her a nasty glare. "Okay, you do." She sank down onto a small side chair.
Nathair agreed. "Damn right, I do. What did you say, Iri? You'd find a way to convince me?" He paced the length of the front room. "Teasing and tempting with sex-filled dreams isn't the way. It's torment, Iri. And you have to stop."
Torment. The word cut deep. Irini counted to five, exhaling slowly, absorbing the sting with as much grace as possible. The urge to hurl expletives in his direction quelled by the fact he didn't truly deserve her wrath.
He'd called it—she had promised to find a way to continue their affair. But she'd changed her mind when he'd sworn he wouldn't dishonor her vow… even if she had no qualms in doing so.
Her subconscious apparently had other ideas. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."
Nathair studied her a moment then headed for the door. "Make sure it doesn't, Irini. You have no right or claim on my slumber, and that was your choice." His hand twisted the knob and he exited, the oak slowly swinging shut behind him.
Irini remained seated, a little concerned she'd be unable to keep her promise to stay out of Nathair's dreams.
How could she, when she didn't know how she'd accomplished the feat in the first place? Her skill tended toward concrete, conscious magic. Or at least she practiced the craft she could control, steering clear of the more intuitive type. Getting up close and personal with someone else's brainwaves scared her. Mainly due to the potential for backfire—she definitely didn't want anyone privy to her inner thoughts.
Recalling the heated dream, Irini's face flamed. Nathair had intimate knowledge of her body… and now of her thoughts, as well.
Too bad she'd provided them a little too late.
Yeah, this one is going to be a gut-puncher… so fun to write. LOL

That's it for this week.



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