Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Nothing Special

So… Orphan Black keeps blowing my mind. Seriously, I would have NEVER dreamed I'd be interested in seeing Vic the Dick again, but playing opposite Allison is such an interesting little twist. Angie, or whatever her name is, kinda continues to irritate me, but I'm totally along for the ride to see what she's trying to pull off.

The whole deal with Helena creeps me out, but keeps me riveted to the screen, too. LOL Then there's Sarah… I have so much love for her. The cold war between Rachel and Sarah and how it's dragging Helena and Cosima into the middle of it keeps me glued to the screen.

And let's talk about Paul. Without revealing too much, I sooooo want to know more about him, but I love the loosely defined loyalties he has and the way he's pulled from all directions.

Enough about television… tonight's post is from Nothing Special, a short story where my main characters are convinced they don't have anything special between them. Of course, they're wrong. LOL

Here's the tagline:

Masha Tuck and Ryce Reynoldson work tirelessly around the winter solstice to help provide a meaningful celebration to their fae and non-fae neighbors. Masha uncovers the perfect gift for Ryce—just a book, nothing special—but if she gives it to him, it'll add depth to their weird relationship and she's not sure she's ready for them to be a 'thing'.

And a preview snippet…

Masha stood outside Ryce's small cottage, trying to decide whether or not to knock on his front door. They'd finally completed all the tasks and the solstice had come and gone. And she still had the vintage book on ancient cooking arts. Masha felt a little foolish about giving it to him, especially since the holiday had passed. She'd totally bailed and couldn't get up the nerve on the actual day of celebration. Stupid. She'd found a book. Nothing special.
Except it could be construed as having meaning. Did she want to give the weird 'thing' between her and Ryce depth? He'd probably take it as a sign she'd been thinking of him. And well, she had. A lot. The guy filled her thoughts at the strangest times. Why else would she be compelled to dig through the donated box of goods at the disposition center?
Maybe because she and Ryce spent the bulk of their waking hours at the place. Then, occasionally, they spent the hours they should be sleeping having incredible sex. The physical aspect didn't happen all that often, but they had worked up to once or twice a week.
"No, it's nothing special. We're not a couple. Just friends." She waited a beat. "With really awesome benefits."
She tucked the book under her arm and lifted her hand, knocking on the door. It opened within moments, Ryce's quick grin giving her a warm greeting.
This will hopefully be a holiday release in December.

That's it for this week.



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