Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Quicksilver Flash

So… I found out last week The Last Ship did indeed get renewed! WooHoo!! I'm also almost caught up on Defiance, which continues to keep me interested. The new season of Doctor Who premiered and eh… I'll watch and hope I get more into it. So far, I'm not a huge fan of the new Doctor, but I went into viewing with that thought so it's only fair to hold off making a final decision about watching and give the guy a fair chance.

In something of more fun news, the Bitten and Arrow casts are so much fun to follow on social media. They're always posting fun tidbits and behind the scenes stuff, which just makes me more excited to see the new seasons. Gotta give credit to Kurt Sutter for keeping the Sons of Anarchy stuff rolling out, too.

Tonight's post is from Quicksilver Flash, a novella with a bit of a steampunk flair.

Here's the tagline:

Winsome Crown, a scientist's daughter, searches for her lost father in the wilds of the mountains. Lynx Hadrington lives alone and away from society—by choice. When Winsome stumbles onto his little piece of sanctuary, he can't deny her plea for help, but he fears the worst for her dad. Only one person has ever survived a brush with the Quicksilver Flash—him.

And a preview snippet…

The howling wind whipped around the cabin and kicked up bursts of snow, sending swirls spinning around in different directions. Lynx gazed out the window, the unsettled feeling seeping deeper into his bones. He tamped the urge to crawl into the warmth of his bed and not come out until spring.
But he couldn't. His gut churned with the knowledge something big headed his way.
Or someone.
His interaction with what Professor Crown had dubbed the Quicksilver Flash gave Lynx insight he truly didn't want—and made his skin glow, hence his nice, quiet life hidden away in the back woods. Until he could control when his body decided to shimmer, glow, and gleam, he'd stay buried in his sanctuary, alone and safely away from anyone he might harm.
A heavy gust blew against the solid oak door, rattling the hinges. Lynx leaned closer to the window. His eyes narrowed, catching sight of a blurred image making its way toward his home. A fur-covered blob, female—if his unerring instinct didn't pick now to fail him, made slow but steady progress. With each step she made, the burden he lived with grew heavier. Whatever the woman wanted, she'd extract a high price.
Heaving a sigh, Lynx turned away from the window and strode toward the fire burning heartily in the hearth. He added several logs and poked at the embers.
"Better get ready. If she's not frozen through by the time she arrives, it'll be a miracle."
Sooner than he expected, a hardy knock sounded on the door. He opened the heavy slab, letting a blast of frigid air into the cabin. The woman pushed her way inside and Lynx secured the entrance, closing out the icy weather. Without a word, the lady yanked the fur-trimmed hood away from her head and shrugged out of the oversized coat, draping it close to the fire.
Rubbing her hands together she met his gaze head on, her bold blue eyes frankly assessing him. "Are you Lynx Hadrington?" She waved an arm. "Never mind. Of course you are." She moved closer. "Winsome Crown." Her finger jabbed into his shoulder. "Where the hell is my father?"
Winsome will get her answer, but she absolutely won't like it. J

That's it for this week.



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