Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Snippet: A Quiet Hell

August 31, 2014

Season finale for Defiance… sooooo good. Seriously, I hope it gets renewed. Without giving away too many spoilers, I kind of loved where some of the characters ended up. I'm kind of on the fence about Amanda, but won't say more to avoid spilling anything.

The Walking Dead is almost ready to premiere and Sons of Anarchy rides next week. Makes waiting for Arrow's return in October worth it. Also looking forward to Sleepy Hollow and Gotham. Crossing my fingers FOX won't muck either of those shows up too much.

Enough TV for now. Tonight's post is from A Quiet Hell, a novella with a little paranormal romance for the characters.

Here's the tagline:

Mattox Lang lives in a quiet hell, seeing and sensing paranormal activity. Bruce Wendelson has haunting dreams that linger, but he can never recall the details. Mattox understands Bruce's torment and hopes to ease her own by helping him deal with the nightmares.

And a preview snippet…

Mattox enjoyed the group sessions. Unlike the one-on-one appointments, where the focus rested solely on her, the inclusion of others helped her sort through her visions and sharpened her intuition. She still didn't say much, but she would contribute when someone needed a nudge, especially if she got a strong connection.
The director of therapy, Marie Semmel, smiled when Mattox entered the room and waved her over to the table where coffee and other beverages were available.
She poured a large cup and handed it over. "Mattox, I'm so glad you got here early. I have a big favor to ask of you."
Mattox cringed a little on the inside, but kept her outward calm. Marie always had the best intentions, but sometimes forgot Mattox liked to keep a low profile.
She took a bracing gulp of the java, steeling herself to listen. "Okay, what's the favor?"
Marie lowered her voice. "I have a new participant coming today and I'd really like to get your take on him after the session."
Mattox relaxed. She could definitely offer an opinion.
Marie continued, leaning in closer. "He's special, like you."
Mattox held back a rude snort. Cursed would be a better descriptive term. Marie considered Mattox's affliction a gift and she'd long ago given up trying to persuade the director otherwise. Until Marie had to deal with being on paranormal alert twenty-four hours a day, Mattox didn't see the point in a circular argument.
Her senses on full alert, Mattox set the cup aside and met Marie's gaze. "You know how I feel about raising the topic of otherworldly things in group. I'll observe and inform you of what I see and sense, but don't ask me to participate in discussion."
Marie gave Mattox a wide-eyed nod. "Of course, whatever you're comfortable with." She glanced toward the entrance. "Ah, he's arrived." Her hand went up and she motioned the new member over. "Mattox, this is Bruce Wendelson."
Mattox turned, her palm extended to welcome Bruce. Her gaze clashed with his and her world went black…
Right before she doubled over and hit the floor.

Strong reaction, no? LOL Mattox gets to help Bruce whether she wants to or not. J

That's it for this week.



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