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Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—An Idyllic Affair (Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island) #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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This week I'm thrilled to announce an upcoming release that is co-written with my alter ego ML Skye. I write under three pseudonyms, and when I started An Idyllic Affair, it began with a strong sci-fi element. But as the story progressed, the nature of the island pushed its way in and a mystical aspect took center stage. For branding purposes, I decided to release under ML Skye, my speculative romance moniker, and Skye Ritchey, my paranormal / fantasy pen name. I'm very excited as I believe the story will appeal to both audiences.

This week, I'm featuring a fun interaction between Geoff and Linnea.

Series Tagline: Escape to Insula Ara, an island sanctuary that provides refuge… but it comes with a price.

Book Tagline: On the run from their enemies, an island sanctuary gives Geoff and Linnea time for An Idyllic Affair.


Cursing the restricted area, Geoff angled his legs down through the passage and attempted to leave enough space for Linnea's to fit. She gingerly tried to put both feet in first. When that didn't work, she grabbed his shoulder and got her left leg situated but couldn't manage the right.
Geoff tried to give her more room. "Sorry, X. I've got nowhere to go here." He shifted his hips, creating maybe one more inch.
Linnea chuckled. "Just give me a sec. If I put my hand here…" She braced her fingers against the tank. "And then lay my head on your shoulder, I think I might… oh, yeah. That's feeling just about right."
Geoff couldn't believe the way she could contort her body. "God, X, that's perfect." But they'd need room to kick the panel out. "Okay, almost there. Lift your thigh a little. Yeah, put it right between mine." His grunt sounded more like a groan when she followed his direction and brought her leg up, wedging it up close to the apex of his groin. "Almost there, Linn. Angle your hips a little. Yeah… that's it."
Linnea fisted her hand in his shirt, twisting it hard. "Sorry, Captain. Need just a little more… there! Right there."
Marcus cleared his throat. "Uh, geez, you two. You're making Willoughby turn an unhealthy shade of crimson out here. Do you have any idea how you guys sound?"
Shane sputtered and coughed. "I am not turning red." He waited a beat. "But Ramsey's got a point. If I didn't know better, I'd think you guys were… well…" His voice trailed off.
A little frustrated and a whole lot of uncomfortable, Geoff shot back. "Trust me, if the XO and I were having sex, it would not sound like this." Exactly how it would, he didn't know, but his imagination could fill in the blanks later.
Linnea snorted and offered her two cents. "Mainly because the captain and I wouldn't be having carnal relations." She paused then added. "Now, or anytime in the foreseeable future."
Geoff frowned. Did she always have to be so emphatic about the potential of them never hooking up?

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Book Blurb: Privateers by trade, Geoff MacLeod and Linnea Jensen find sanctuary on Insula Ara, a mysterious island full of wonder and a tinge of darkness. When Geoff and Linnea embark on a quest to retrieve a badly needed part for their ship, they find their deep attraction for each other hard to resist, and under the spell of the island, they have to tread carefully or succumb to the swirling undercurrents.

Series Blurb: Legend tells of a mysterious island called Sanctuary, inhabited by people who have been to hell and back—and lived to tell the tale.

It goes on to say, that if someone needs help, if they are truly without hope, island will come to them in their darkest hour and help them find the way.

But the assistance comes with a price. Their heart and soul may be lost to the island in the process.


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