Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Urban Grit

February 8, 2015

WooHoo! Bitten is back and Elena is pissed off. All I'll say for now since it's not airing the US yet. Season two opened with a great episode. Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. And The Walking Dead returned. I’m watching as I type. Interesting episode so far, very different, which I like.

Over on The Flash and Arrow, good efforts by both shows. I'm happy to see Oliver back in Starling City and the angst factor cranking up to a zillion. Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were okay, especially that ending on SH.

Now I just need Orphan Black to return and make my brain explode. LOL

Tonight's post is from Urban Grit, a fun novella where the characters unleash something they don't quite believe even exists.

Here's the tagline:

Keeley Fitz and Holt Matterworth produce and star in the reality docu-style web drama, Urban Grit. They shamelessly drag their friends along on their adventures where they try to bust and debunk urban myths… except they quickly learn most legends all have a basis in truth.

And a preview snippet…

Keeley pushed up and angled around to straddle Holt's torso. "Ready for round two?" His erection bobbed against her ass and she chuckled. "Never mind, I already have the answer." Leaning down, she meshed her lips with his, sliding her tongue past his teeth.
Holt's fingers dug into her buttocks, stilling the movement of her hips. He wanted to be inside her as much as she needed him there. Keeley smiled against his mouth, lifted up a little, and sank down over his long shaft.
Holt tore his mouth away from hers, letting a low groan. "Mmm, Keels. You're so damned hot." His lips latched onto her nipple, dragging the tip between his teeth.
Keeley shuddered and gasped out a breath. "More, Holt. Use your tongue." She rocked back and forth.
Holt complied, flicking and swirling around the pebbled peak. Keeley threw her head back, a zing of heat scorching straight to her core. She loved the magic Holt created with his wicked tongue.
A loud pounding on their door intruded on the moment. Holt broke away from her breast, his head twisting sideways on the pillow, a growl of frustration rumbling in his chest.
"Come on you guys, open up." Dean thumped on the hard wood again.
Keeley exhaled harshly. "Yeah, yeah. Just a minute." She eased up and off Holt's cock and drew the sheet over his hips.
Grabbing the quilt from the foot of the bed, she cracked the door open.
Dean shoved his way into the room, got a good look at each of them and rolled his eyes. "Geez, do you two ever take a night off?" He whirled around and snagged their jackets from the coat tree. "Throw some clothes on and grab your gear. We set something loose at that old manor house and it's chasing Joanie." He turned away, facing the exit.
Holt jumped up and stuffed his legs into his jeans, jerking them up past his hips. "Do you know what's after her?"
Keeley dropped the quilt and pulled her shirt on then fished around for her beat up cargo pants. Yanking them on, she buttoned the fly and glanced up to find Holt holding her boots.
Dean kept his back turned, but answered. "The best I can figure from her description? A hellhound."
Keeley paused from lacing up her shoes. "Wait, from her description? You didn't see it?" Crap, definitely something new. They'd never gone after an invisible foe before.
Dean cast a quick look over his shoulder. "No. She came tearing out of the ladies' room after we finished dessert and said a dark, mangy animal with huge fucking teeth crashed in through the window." He threw the coats in their direction. "Two seconds later, the rankest stench I've ever smelled and a chewed through table cleared out the diner. I can't see the damned beast, but I sure as hell can hear its teeth snapping and its vicious howling." He threw his arms out. "Can we go now?"
Holt shrugged into his jacket and grabbed the weapon bag. "Yeah, let's roll." He made his way to the door. "Where is Joanie now?"
Keeley hauled the equipment duffel over her shoulder, moving to stand beside Holt.
Dean brought up the rear. "Right now? Standing in a freezer at the restaurant."
Keeley shot him a sideways glance. "A freezer?" For what flaming reason would he pick that particular location?
Dean shrugged. "It's the only place I could think of that might keep her safe."
Holt opened the door and beat Keeley to the next obvious question. "How the hell does a freezer keep her safe?"
Dean pushed Keeley forward and dashed around her to the SUV. "Because she's covered head to toe in that monstrosity of a coat she wears and the door is six inches of stainless steel." He dragged the door open and jammed the truck into gear.
Holt slid into the passenger seat. "Right."
Keeley hopped in the back. "Yeah, okay."
Dean tore out of the parking lot and Holt shot her a quick look. Keeley responded with a shrug. Holt didn't need her to tell him the sit rep.
They were so fucking screwed.
So far, the sages are whispering about more stories from this universe. Here's hoping they'll keep talking. J

That's it for this week.



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