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Smokin' Hot—Hot Encounter: A Magical Affair

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This week we're tasked with sharing a hot encounter, whether it's the first time or one of many others between the characters. Awesome! Kick off the spring season with a nice steamy treat. :D

For my feature, I'm posting a scene from a current release, A Magical Affair, a steamy ménage set around Halloween.

For a little background, here are the taglines:

Book: A mansion atop a wellspring of magic lets Romy, Heath, and Stacie live out their fantasies.

Bring on the hot stuff…

Stacie lifted a leg and sidestepped the panties, kicking her shoes off before returning the gesture and removing Romy's scrap of lace. Romy took Stacie's hand and placed it over her mound. Stacie turned, giving Heath a wonderful view of her fingers sliding over Romy's folds before delving between them, going deep. Romy shuddered, and her eyes slid closed. Stacie used her other hand, squeezing and kneading Romy's breasts. Romy bucked against Stacie's hand, grabbing her head and tugging her forward for a hot kiss.
Heath bit back a groan at the wanton display, and his erection ached to take part. Romy took the lead again and nudged Stacie away to step around behind her. She trailed her fingers up and down Stacie's arms until goose bumps rose on the flesh.
Stacie moaned. "Please, Romy. You know what I want."
Romy whispered against Stacie's ear. "Yes, I do. Are you ready for it?"
Stacie nodded and lifted her arms, reaching behind her to wrap them around Romy.
Romy skimmed her hands upward along Stacie's ribs, then brushed her palms over the pebbled tips of Stacie's nipples before bringing her fingertips together to tug at the peaks. Stacie writhed, her hips thrusting forward. Romy smoothed one hand downward, drifting over Stacie's stomach, going lower to insert two fingers into Stacie's pussy.
Stacie hissed out a harsh breath. "God, that feels good."
Heath stayed sprawled on the bed, letting his anticipation build, and hoped the women would turn their attention on him soon. If they didn't, he'd take matters into his own hands and ruin his part of the bargain. Romy guided Stacie to the edge of the bed, directing her to sit at the foot of the mattress.
Romy withdrew her fingers and replaced them with Stacie's. "Keep yourself hot, Stace."
Stacie hovered on the edge, her role secondary to Romy's.
Romy crawled up onto the bed and smiled, sultry and catlike. She moved between Heath's legs, then bent over to lick his shaft from base to tip. Her eyes dared him to remain passive. He responded by grabbing her head and positioning her mouth over his cock. She licked her lips, opened wide, and enveloped his length, welcoming his involuntary thrust with a humming purr.
Bobbing her head up and down, she wrapped her fingers around his girth and used them to increase the tension. Her tongue swirled around, laving back and forth over the rigid hardness. Her free hand cupped his balls and fondled them with gentle pressure.
Stacie angled around and reached out, tucking a hand between Romy's legs to slide fingers along her wet folds. She used the other to rub her own clit in circular motions. She progressed quickly to pumping in and out, bringing both close to the brink of orgasm.


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Book Blurb: Romy Bludd and Heath Graystone are very adventurous and happily explore the wilder side of sex. Romy meets Jarvin and Vivica, who give her an opportunity to spend Halloween weekend at Magic Meadows, a mansion sitting atop an ancient wellspring of magic. Romy accepts the offer because she and Heath want to add someone else to the mix and Romy's best friend, Stacie, is back from a ten month stay abroad. The timing couldn't be better for the trio to live out their lustful fantasies.

The mansion and its owners are capable of wondrous transformations, giving Romy and Stacie a wealth of choices to rock Heath's world. A character from his favorite urban thriller, a cougar on the prowl, the plain librarian who wants to hook up with her boss, a roller derby diva with aggression issues, and a reporting duo with blackmail on their minds are on the agenda for the romp-filled weekend.

Heath is thrilled, but he really wants one thing—for Romy to give up control and let him call the shots.


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  1. Love all of your excerpts! This is another great one!