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Embrace the Magic—An Idyllic Affair

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Today I'm sharing some background details for An Idyllic Affair, an Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island novella, co-written with my alter ego ML Skye for Ellipses Press, Ltd.

The Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island branded anthology features a mystical island that grants refuge to those who need it. The stories can take place in any time period as long as the characters can reach the island by some means of transportation—boats, airplanes, space ships, whatever—and are in need of sanctuary. Whether it's from running naval blockades, trying to stay out of enemy hands while flying under the radar during a war, or running from a super power that has a chokehold on an entire galaxy, Insula Ara will grant those it deems worthy a safe place to regroup and often find the answers they seek, but the solace always comes with a price.
My story takes place in the very distant future with the crew of the Charming Lady in desperate need of a place to lay low for a while. Trusting the instincts of their captain, Geoff MacLeod, they find exactly what they need—an entire galaxy away. Against the better judgment of the ship's XO, Linnea Jensen, the captain and the two man crew allow the island's caretaker, Ceet, to provide them with rooms and to offer them a part for their damaged ship. Geoff is charmed by the grizzled, old man, but Linnea doesn't trust the guy one tiny bit. Then again, she relies on cold, hard facts whereas Geoff tends to go with his gut. And since he got them to the island, she'll back off and see what happens.
And she's not happy when she finds out. Ceet sends Geoff and Linnea off to the other side of the island with a crude map and a vague assurance they'll find the part they need in the smuggler's caves. They're usually on the run from the Axis Prime and being surrounded by a tropical paradise has the captain and XO off kilter. Linnea and Geoff butt heads, which isn't anything new, but they find their stride and work out some issues while on their trek.
 The downtime also gives them more time than either wants to dance around their attraction. Linnea doesn't want the complication of starting something during a war, but Geoff thinks they should build what they can while they have a shot. The tension stretches between them but their mutual respect for each other holds firm and they shelve the conversation.
At least until they make it to the caves and a hurricane sets in. Trapped inside, they're stuck until the heavy rains pass and that's when the dance of attraction really kicks in. And it's when the fun truly begins…

I hope you'll check out An Idyllic Affair and read about Geoff and Linnea's adventure on Insula Ara.

Next week, I'll be featuring the first of three excerpts from the book.


Book Tagline: On the run from their enemies, an island sanctuary gives Geoff and Linnea time for An Idyllic Affair.

Anthology Tagline: Escape to Insula Ara, an island sanctuary that provides refuge… but it comes with a price.


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Anthology Blurb: Legend tells of a mysterious island called Sanctuary, inhabited by people who have been to hell and back—and lived to tell the tale.
It goes on to say, that if someone needs help, if they are truly without hope, island will come to them in their darkest hour and help them find the way.

But the assistance comes with a price. Their heart and soul may be lost to the island in the process.

Book Blurb: Privateers by trade, Geoff MacLeod and Linnea Jensen find sanctuary on Insula Ara, a mysterious island full of wonder and a tinge of darkness. When Geoff and Linnea embark on a quest to retrieve a badly needed part for their ship, they find their deep attraction for each other hard to resist, and under the spell of the island, they have to tread carefully or succumb to the swirling undercurrents.


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