Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Price Paid

Happy May! We had terrific weather this weekend and I feel like spring has finally arrived. YAY!!

On the TV front, Arrow and The Flash kind of blew my mind. I'm not sure the final episodes can get any more mind bending. LOL Of course, Orphan Black is always twisty and freaky, but the sibling reveal adds a very cool layer. Won't go into specifics here so I don't spoil anyone, but I'm looking forward to seeing more about the new wrinkle.

Bitten and Lost Girl are such a great pair-up on Syfy. And I'm eagerly awaiting Killjoys and Dark Matter. I'd love Syfy to be my place to be on Fridays again. Been way too many years since that's happened.

Starting on Teen Wolf season three and gotta say, I truly enjoy the show. So far, it's lived up to its hype.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Price Paid, a novella where my characters have to find their way back to each other after a betrayal.

Here's the tagline:

Reva Bane's actions lead Mitch Vanderman to a lot of harm, but seeking atonement shouldn't cause so much pain. Then again, betrayal sometimes demands a price paid in blood, and Reva is willing to shed some if he'll finally forgive her.

And a preview snippet…

Alonzo frowned. Mitch Vanderman. God damn. Barax called it.
He waited for Mitch to walk around the corner before crossing the street and letting himself into Reva's townhouse. The darkened interior didn't faze him. He knew the layout well. Striding from the foyer, he ambled down the long hallway and hit the steps, taking them two at a time. He made a sharp left and burst into Reva's room, flipping the overhead light on.
Reva shot up, blinking against the brightness. "What the flaming fuck?" Naked, she leaped out of her bed, weapon drawn, and made a running dive toward him.
He grasped her forearm and stopped the blade from making contact. "Hold up, Reva." He twisted sideways, narrowly missing a knee to his groin.
She growled. "Jesus, Alonzo. You could've just said hello." She jerked away and grabbed a robe, wrapping it around her nude form. "Why are you even here?"
He crossed the floor and settled on the edge of her bed, crossing his arms over his chest. "You mean after three in the morning?" He pinned her with his gaze. "I had to verify with my own eyes that you do indeed have a new lover." His lips curved when the color drained from her face.
Her guilt confirmed, by his reckoning. And he didn't even have to mention Mitch's name.
Reva blew out a harsh breath. "Shit. Who else knows?" She dragged a shaky hand through her hair.
He quirked an eyebrow.
Her eyes widened. "Everyone?" A low groan escaped from her lips.

Needless to say, Reva's going to have some serious tap dancing to do and it doesn't go well.

That's it for this week.



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