Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Blurred Lines

Great television viewing week. I finished up watching all available episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and *sigh* what a great show. From what I gather, the third season might be the last, but I'll live in hope for more. Either way, the finale satisfied me, so bonus points for that.

Teen Wolf. What can I say? I'm intrigued by the possibilities, but I kind of hope making Parrish look like a bad guy is a ploy. I kind of like him. I'm also hoping the desert wolf thread is laying groundwork for next season. More interesting possibilities there.

The Last Ship is so good at keeping me on the edge of my seat. I love how twisty and turny the plot gets. Such a great summer viewing experience.

My Friday night lineup continues to bring good stuff to my screen. Defiance seriously upped its game this season. Killjoys keeps me glued, especially for the sibling bonding but also for the very secretive dance the trio does. John seems like the most open of the group, but I have a sneaky suspicion he may have a few big skeletons in his closet, too. Dark Matter is revealing little pieces of information and I'm liking the glimpses we're getting into the crew's histories. I would like to see a little more movement on who or what put them into the stasis chambers.

Have I mentioned how much I love having new material to watch in the middle of the summer?

Tonight's post is from Blurred Lines, a novella where my main characters are terrific at messing up their lives.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Becca and York. Finding their way back to each other is the ultimate achievement. Working out how they'll function together is the challenge. The lines are all blurry because they've crossed back and forth so many times.

And a preview snippet…

Becca needed to track York down, even if the idea sucked. She'd opened a door long since closed with him. Hell, she'd kicked the damn thing in just to see if she'd get a response. Her fingers went to her still healing split lip. He'd definitely had a strong reaction to her challenge. Gave as good as he got when they'd stepped into the ring. Not that she didn't deserve it. At least he still considered her an equal in that respect, even if he treated her like green newb in every other.
She had no idea about any other aspect of her life, except knowing how much damage she and York could do to each other. They'd gone round and round, neither pulling their punches. Not that they ever did. But the wall he'd built between them, the one she all but helped him erect, had cracked and she got a glimpse of the man she used to know.
But they had a long way to go. And her gut said the time had come to take another step. That meant they needed to talk and face the crazy intense whatever they had that existed between them.
She hated talking, trying to put what she felt into words. York lived for hashing things out. He always wanted clear cut, definitive answers.
Too bad she rarely had them.
Analysis of her heart never went well. She had too many bruises to get past. Too much pain to work around. So much easier to go with the moment and let instinct lead the way.
Not that it worked out every time. Her gut didn't always get it right. She'd jumped into a horrible relationship with the wrong man by listening to it.
And cut the one she loved so deeply he'd carved her out of his world. Shut her out, slammed the door closed, and threw the key down the toilet.
Then flushed for good measure.
Becca didn't blame him for freezing her out. Even though it hurt like a bitch. She'd deserved it.
She had a chance now. Had set it up so she would. His constant pissy attitude fueled hers. They sniped and snapped—through third parties—and they'd passed the point of ridiculousness.
She couldn’t stand the distance anymore. So she'd pushed to get York in the arena… even though they'd each drawn different names and fought a round already. She didn't know whether to be elated or pissed when he finally accepted.
The damage they'd done to each other had been worth each punch, every exhausted swing, and the hostile accusations. Something about venting the pent up emotion out, regardless of the spectacle they created, got them past the deep-seeded rage.
And their brawl complicated everything. But Becca welcomed the insanity. Complex history aside, she and York needed to find a way to co-exist peacefully. Or at least the way they defined the word.
She had no idea how they fit together anymore… or if they could. Difficult didn't describe the road ahead. Crazy feelings, relationships with other people, working together—she might go insane trying to work it all out.
But she wanted, more than anything, more than she could safely admit, to work it out with York.

Becca's got a ways to go if she wants to work things out with York, but he's just about ready to soften his attitude towards her. I love writing these two screwed up characters.

That's it for this week.



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