Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Fan the Flames

September 27, 2015


Sit back and get a little comfy. I'm going to blather on about my disappointment in the new season of Doctor Who, which feels almost sacrilegious, but necessary. Maybe if I purge myself, I'll enjoy the show more.

So… as mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of Capaldi as the Doctor. This has nothing to do with his acting. I enjoy his work. But… here's the thing… I just can't get past the fact he's been two other characters besides the Doctor in the Whoverse—Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii and John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth. But wait! What about Eve Myles? She played a character in Doctor Who before being in Torchwood. Why doesn't that bother me?

One simple reason. The character she played in The Unquiet Dead, Gwyneth, by rights, could have been an ancestor of Torchwood's Gwen, so… my brain has no problem wrapping around the idea. But Capaldi's characters? Not so much. Wanna know why?

Because THE DOCTOR doesn't have ancestors on earth. Even if I bought the idea Caecilius could be John Frobisher's ancestor, I can't buy the idea they're somehow related to the Doctor. EVER. It's just a big, fat NOPE.

Do I take this Whoverse stuff way too seriously? Oh, hell yes, I do. LOL But… I miss the continuity of the earlier Davies seasons. The sweeping emotional arcs we got in even a single episode. And Moffat is more than capable of writing that way. I mean Blink is one of the most emotional roller coaster episodes I've EVER watched on TV, so he's got the chops to connect with me on that emotional level… when he's not trying to be too quirky or clever or whatever the hell he's trying to be with the gimmicky shtick he's been throwing out lately, especially with the two opening episodes of this season. They were disjointed and messy and I'm honestly not sure what I was watching, but it's not the Doctor Who I love.

And no worries if anyone vehemently disagrees with me. I'm totally okay with the rest of the planet loving the Doctor as much as they always have. I'm just not quite there yet—maybe I never will be—but I'm hoping Moffat rises to the challenge of keeping me as a viewer.

Whew. I feel WAY better now. Thanks for letting me vent. LOL I think I'll rant a little more on my sister blog, or you know, copy this and post it there, too. :D

I could go on about having new episodes of Lost Girl to watch, but I'll save it for a later post.

Moving on… Tonight's post is from Fan the Flames, a novella with a very dapper cupid who has his work cut out getting the hero and heroine together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

A modern day cupid discovers a couple with matching auras and thinks he'll have an easy time matching them up. Right... not so much. While Jamie and Alix definitely have the hots for each other, one big obstacle stands in their way—Jamie's job.

And a preview snippet…

Alixandra Golden pulled into the parking lot of Station Ninety-Five and cut the engine of her brand new, previously-owned vehicle. Only three years old, it still had warranty left on it, but a price tag she could afford.
Especially if she left the design firm she'd taken a vacation from.
She exhaled slowly. "Here goes nothing and everything."
Popping the trunk, she slid out of the car and walked around to retrieve the portfolio that held her storyboards. She shouldn't be as nervous as she was. She'd worked on this project in her free time for several months and knew the design inside and out. The exterior of the new station house, situated behind the current one, only had to pass inspection before the work could begin on the interior living and working space.
The presentation didn't worry her. The outcome did. If she landed this, she'd be able to work for herself—one of her life goals—almost two full years sooner than she'd planned. 
Her dad, a battalion chief—though not with this station—could've probably paved the way for the job with a simple recommendation. The regular bidding process through the city didn't come into play for the project. The funds had been earmarked with an endowment from a very grateful citizen whose house had been saved by the department.
It didn't hurt he happened to be the fourth wealthiest person in the entire state.
Alix specifically asked her father to take a giant step back and keep his yap shut. Two of her four brothers, three of her dozen plus cousins, an uncle, a godfather and one of her best friends had all been sworn to secrecy as well. Thankfully not all of them worked for the city, but all were employed by the service.
Alix already had an inside track, growing up in and around the fire service. She spent her childhood crawling through and hanging out at station houses. The firsthand experience would be reflected in her design for the residential rooms.
Grabbing her oversized case and the wooden folding easel, she propped both against the bumper of the car and pulled out a small mirror from her handbag. She checked her makeup, smoothed on a bit of lip gloss, and made sure her mascara hadn't smeared. Then she slid her feet into a pair of mid-heel pumps, tossed her beloved flip-flops in the trunk and closed it.
One of the reasons she wanted to start her own design business? To shed the need to wear professional garments all the time. Of course she'd dress appropriately when dealing with clients, but while doing the actual design work, she favored casual, comfortable clothing.
She checked her linen skirt for wrinkles, took a deep breath, grabbed her stuff, and entered the building, a full thirty minutes early for the meeting. Her best friend, Joe, one of ninety-five's firefighters, met her at the door.
Alix gave him a quick smile. "Did you get it?" She hoped he remembered.
Joe nodded. "Of course I did. Five gallons of rocky road, stashed in the freezer, waiting for your grand gesture." He grabbed her easel and carried it into the conference room.
Alix hugged him with her free arm. "Thank you. You're the best." She wanted to follow custom and since she had the first spot for the presentation, she knew the drill… ice cream all around.
She might be cheating just a little, but showing the committee she had a strong grasp of how the firefighters and paramedics lived while on shift, should give her a leg up. Breaking the ice by using one of many traditions also boosted her confidence, which she'd take.
Joe flashed his lopsided grin. "You'll blow them all away, Alix." He gave her a smacking kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna go guard the freezer until after you're done."
Alix chuckled and waved him off, looking forward to some quiet time to run through her plans one last time.
I've had so much fun writing this one. It's almost ready for beta readers!

That's it for this week.



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