Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Belle of the Underground

October 18, 2015

I can't quite believe half of October is over. Yeesh, time flies in a big way. LOL

My usual television ramblings will get underway after a brief pause to let everyone know I'm still not feeling this season of Doctor Who. The reason behind the 'repeat' face, so far, is beyond lame. I'll have to watch the conclusion to see if I still feel the same way.

I finally watched the last two episodes *ever!* of Strike Back. I can safely say I'm thrilled with how Stonebridge and Scott's story ended. YAY!!! Now I'll have to start a rewatch of the entire series. LOL

Arrow and The Flash are keeping me glued to the screen. I love both shows so much. And Agents of SHIELD isn't doing too bad either. I like where things are going there.

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow are maintaining solid episodes. Looking forward to seeing where Gotham takes the Bruce in Training story. I'm also really excited to see how Gordon keeps all the plates spinning in his life. On a side note, I am a little sick of Barbara but I have a feeling her story might pay off in a big way. I'll keep watching.

Got caught up on Haven. I'm really going to miss this show when it's gone. I love the every quirky thing about it. The same goes with Lost Girl. I'm dying to see how Bo's story ends, but I'm savoring every moment I get to watch.

And that's the TV wrap up this week.

Tonight's post is from Belle of the Underground, the opening book to the First Breed series.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Raven Malone doesn't have an easy job, but she's a mix of freak and geek so both groups are willing to work with her. She meets her match when regular guy, Gio Roberts, starts poking around in her cover up of an unexplained murder. Sparks fly, especially when she lets him in on the underground community she's established. They forge a bond and work side by side, trying to keep everything together.

And a preview snippet…

Gio stared at Raven. "You can't mete out justice on your own terms." Was the woman insane?
Raven's mouth turned up. "Oh, you couldn't be more wrong." She walked slowly down the alley, toward the manhole cover. She glanced up at him and crooked her finger. "Come with me."
She lifted up the cover and pointed down the shaft. Gio made his way over and looked into the hole. "You want me to crawl around the sewer with you?"
Raven chuckled. "This doesn't go to the sewer system." She nodded toward the hole. "I promise."
Gio let out an exasperated breath. "Fine. But if you try to kill me, the cops'll find out about it."
Her laugh rang out and echoed in the dark alley. "I'm not going to kill you. But I will show you how and why I can dole out justice. Go on."
Gio lowered himself down underneath the streets. Raven followed and replaced the cover then met him on the paved surface.
"Follow me."
She hadn't lied. This was definitely not part of the sewer system. He followed her as she made about seven turns at different intersections leading him deeper into the bowels of the city. She finally came to a halt outside a reinforced door.
"We're here." Pulling out a set of keys, she unlocked the door and pushed it open.
The sight that met his eyes stunned him for a moment. A small community existed down here, one no one knew about. People and… creatures… for lack of a better definition, milled about in the brightly lit area.
"What the hell is this place?"
Raven stepped in and shrugged. "Home." She shut the door behind him and locked it up then strode down the center of the long corridor, rooms jutting off either side.
Gio followed along behind, mindful of the strange looks firing in his direction.
"Is it safe? This place?"
Raven glanced over her shoulder. "As long as you're with me it is."
This is such a fun story to write, with so many different directions to go. Can't wait to see how many new stories spin off the first one.

That's it for this week.



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