Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Fistful of Sorry

October 25, 2015

WooHoo! Halloween is almost here! I love the fall holiday and even plan to decorate my all-year-round tree with some cool lights and creepy ribbon. I'm even planning to do a Thanksgiving themed tree if time doesn't get away from me. LOL

Television round up this week… not bad overall. I totally stayed away from discussing The Walking Dead, mainly because I didn't want to spoil anyone and I couldn't talk about the show without going into detail. I'll take a moment to say I LOVE how this season is kicking off and leave things there.

As always, I'm thrilled with how The Flash and Arrow are progressing. I thoroughly enjoy the alternate Flash and I like how Thea's time in the pit is being handled. Really interested to see how Sarah's resurrection plays out. (Hint… she'll be fine… eventually).

Agents of SHIELD continues to intrigue me. I have several theories floating around in my head about how things will play out, and I'm actually loving how many different storylines are being addressed. Keep it up!

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow are on my catch up list. Last week's schedule went off the rails so I'm watching both shows on demand.

Lost Girl and The Murdoch Mysteries are also staying excellent. And I started a new show called The Romeo Section that has me very interested. I'll keep everyone posted on how I fare with that one.

Finally, Doctor Who… eh. Seriously, I'm seeing so many people rave about the new season and I'm really not feeling it. The fandom theory that Ashildr will end up being Missy and the Doctor created the Master doesn't work for me. However, there is one way I could get behind the concept… Missy isn't a regeneration of the Master, but she decided to play the role. That might be an interesting twist.

Anyway, TV update for the week is over.

Tonight's post is from Fistful of Sorry, a novella where my heroine jumps in with both feet and it costs her than expects.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Orly Manx and Cal Luminity always approach situations from opposite angles, but usually end up on the same side. When Orly pushes a cadet too far during training, she apologizes to Cal for not following his advice. But Cal isn't interested in listening or quick to forgive, which drives a wedge between them. Clearly in the wrong, Orly can't take back her actions, so making amends is all she has left.

And a preview snippet…

Cal Luminity sat across from Barnabas Mikkleson, a premier mage on the board of magicks, and waited patiently for the man to speak his mind.
Barnabas sighed and leaned forward. "Cal, my boy, I appreciate you coming to meet with me." He pulled a file from thin air and opened it, turning it toward Cal. "My grandson, Benson, is one of your cadets." His gnarled finger pointed to the picture. "He's a good kid, but… well… he's not the quickest mage in the group." He settled back and folded his hands over this stomach.
Cal quickly scanned the information in the student file. "He just started last week?" A little soon to form impressions.
Barnabas nodded. "Yes. And I'm meeting you to ask a favor, which you're under no obligation to provide."
Cal quirked a brow. Translation—it would be to his benefit if he didn't cross Barnabas on this one.
Barnabas smirked, just a little. "Take some time with the kid. He's got some solid skill, he just needs some encouragement." He leaned forward a little, using a lower tone. "Got a lot of his mother in him and she didn't have a full grasp on reality. You know what I mean?"
Cal, and everyone else in the mage society, heard the stories about Mikkleson's daughter-in-law. A brilliant spell-caster but slightly off-balance with day-to-day routines. Margie finally ended up losing her mage privileges and could only cast spells when under supervision.
So, basically, Benson's brain had some wiring issues and would need a softer touch.
Cal closed the file. "I'll be happy to take him under my wing, Barnabas. And let the other instructors know—"
Mikkleson sat forward and smacked his palm on the desk. "No! This stays between you and me. Benson is shy and backwards enough as it is. If he discovers you're all treating him like a special case, he'll shrink even further into his shell." His stern features relaxed. "I want him to flourish, not flounder. All I ask is you maybe keep an eye on him and offer some extra time when you have it available." He settled back in his seat again.
Cal frowned. While he understood the premier mage's position, he didn't like having his hands tied. A quiet word with the other mage superiors would help smooth Benson's transition from plebe to cadet.
But he didn't want to piss off one of his grandfather's oldest friends, either.
Cal stood and gave Barnabas a nod. "I'll do as you request, Barnabas. We'll bring Benson along and get him up to speed."
Mikkleson tapped the file and sent it back to the mage academy then thrust his hand out. "I appreciate it, Cal. Thank you."
Cal grasped his palm. "Happy to help, Barnabas. Always." He turned to head for the double doors.

Cal's willingness to help creates a lot of friction and his headache is only beginning.

That's it for this week.



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