Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Hot as Hades

Okay, lots of TV stuff to talk about. Gotham is truly upping the stakes and I love the way they're doing it. Gordon is so focused on the crazy sibling duo he's completely missing the trouble brewing with Cobblepot and Nygma. I can't wait to see what happens next. Sleepy Hollow had a decent fall finale. I've missed a bunch of important stuff and need to get caught up.

The Flash is coming along nicely. I'm excited to see where things go, leading up to the Legends of Tomorrow premiere. The same goes for Arrow. This season, between the two shows, there's been a great combo of moving the standard story arcs along with laying great groundwork for the spinoff getting ready to debut. Way to go shows!

Agents of SHIELD keeps throwing interesting twists and turns into the story and I love it. I'm excited to see where things go.

Haven is winding down and I'll be sad to see the show end. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the adventures of Nathan, Audrey, and Duke. I'm also hoping Syfy fills the void with something good, but I won't hold my breath.

I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead's newest episode. Again, I'm so thrilled with the way this season is unfolding. The balance of total batshit insanity, intense encapsulation, and little seeds being planted is a thing of beauty.

A quick rundown of some other shows. I'm loving the new season of The Librarians. This show makes me happy. I'm also totally in for Agent X. TNT is bringing some great stuff to the screen. Murdoch Mysteries is also coming up with great storylines, which after almost ten years, is so awesome.

Last but not least, I can safely say the most recent episode of Doctor Who hit a home run, even though I'm still not a big fan of Ishieldr / Me. I'm seriously hoping we won't see her as a companion, but I won't hold my breath. *sigh*

And that's it for this week's television roundup.

Tonight's post is from Hot as Hades, a Meddlesome Gods story featuring Hades in the mortal world.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Roxie St. Clair, an up and coming artist, wants to live and work on her own terms. But when the god of the underworld informs her of the underhanded tactics of her former employer, she decides to turn the tables and fight back.

And a preview snippet…

Roxie swung around and dropped the pot she'd just removed from the kiln. "Who the hell are you?" Better yet, how the hell had he gotten in? She always locked up when she worked. And she'd secured the door after Rick left.
He grimaced at her question. "I am Hades." As if that explained his presence.
He didn't look menacing and Roxie stayed relatively calm, considering he'd just scared the bejebus out of her. She kept the conversation going and tried to act naturally. As if handsome men popped in out of nowhere on a regular basis.
Narrowing her eyes, she commented on the strange moniker. "Hades, huh?" She grabbed the broom and made ready to sweep up her now broken pot. "That's a whacked name if I ever heard one." She swept up the big pieces and tossed them into the bin next to her work space, then looked at the man standing in the middle of her studio. "You might look like you're all that… but you'll get laughed outta town with that name." And it was time to get rid of this guy.
She returned the broom to its spot in the corner and grabbed the phone. "Unless you've got a damn good reason for being here, I think you'd better exit the way you came in." She waved the phone in her hand. "Before I call the cops."
The man calling himself Hades raised a brow. "My dear, if you do that, you'll be terribly embarrassed."
Roxie scoffed. "Exactly how? I'd like to see you explain what the hell you're doing here in the middle of the night. In my studio."
Hades merely stared at her. "It wouldn't be difficult. I'd simply produce the deed to this establishment." He gave her a bland look. "Then I believe you'd be the one trying to convince the authorities that you belong."
Roxie shook her head. He'd do what? "You'd produce the deed?" It finally clicked. "Holy hell! You're my benefactor? Why didn't you just say so?" Explained how he got in, he had a key.
Hades inclined his regal head. "In a manner of speaking, yes, I'm your benefactor."
Well, hell.

I'm totally loving the snappy dialog in this book. The sages are being very kind.

That's it for this week.



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