Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Manifest Legend

April 10, 2016

Just in time for the weekend, snow showers in Ohio. LOL Considering I was still wearing shorts and flip-flops in October, I won't gripe anymore. J

Update on the gimpy kid… she'd made huge strides over the last week, going from her splint down to a boot and now easing into a brace. She's doing therapy and it's making a huge difference. She won't be ready to jump hurdles before the end of track season, but she's mobile and crutchless for the most part. *throws confetti*

Sad there isn't a new Walking Dead, but also a little relieved. I'll give next season a quick go then decide if I can deal with Negan or not.

The Magicians is almost to the season ender and I'm kind of excited to see what happens. Bitten is also two episodes away from its finale and I'm kind of sad there won't be any new episodes to look forward to.

No new The Flash, but Agents of SHIELD had a terrific showing. I rather like how the deep division seems to be setting up Captain America: Civil War.

Arrow… wow. I'm actually kind of shocked at who we lost. That said, never say die in a show based on a comic series. There's a solid chance we'll see the one we lost again.

Legends of Tomorrow put a good episode together. I really love the complicated mix and relationships portrayed. I will admit, I'm actually kind of tired of Savage constantly having the upper hand. I'd like to see a serious blow dealt to him and maybe an introduction of some other villains.

Still need to watch Banshee, but I have the eps ready to go. And the first episode of Wynonna Earp proved awesome! If the second ep is as good, I'm all-in. Kind of looking forward to The Hunters and hoping it holds my interest.

That's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Manifest Legend, a free origin story for the caretaker and island in the Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island brand.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Insula Ara is a mystical island offering sanctuary to those in need, but when she reveals herself for the first time, Cedric Edward Teasdale, former crewman of a privateer, almost blows his chance for refuge… and a reunion with his lost love.

And a preview snippet…

"Captain, make fer the ship. You 'ave got to get off the island." Cedric Edward Teasdale might be a lowly crewman, but he knew battle tactics and strategies better than most seasoned officers.
And his captain had to get much needed supplies to the front.
"I'd love to head out, Ceet, but the hold is still being filled. I can't leave without the bulk of the cargo." Captain James Avery didn't do anything by half measures.
Ceet understood. Avery wasn't a privateer because he had to be. And the man didn't just play at raiding other ships for sheer enjoyment. No, Avery was cut from a different cloth.
He believed in the crown and would do whatever necessary to protect it.
"Aye, Captain. That ye can't." Ceet took a step forward and lowered his voice. "If'n you'll excuse me impertinence, sir, I took the liberty of outfitting that old battlement with fodder for the canons. They be primed and ready."
Ceet experienced a humble moment at the look of pride on Avery's face.
"Your impertinence is excused, Ceet. You've done well."
Bobbing his head at the compliment, Cedric looked to the horizon. "I can hold 'em off til you get the hold filled. Then you 'ave to make yer getaway swift and sure."
Avery nodded. "I can only spare two men. That won't hold them off for long."
"Beggin' yer pardon again, sir. You can't spare that. I'll take one man for an hour half. And that's to load up additional fodder for the canons. Once that's done, he'll be out on the last boat to the ship. You'll need all hands to make yer escape."
Avery pondered Ceet's words in silence before speaking quietly. "I won't allow you to sacrifice yourself for me, Ceet."
"Yessun, you will. And it's no sacrifice. I could do worse than this beaut of an island."
Avery turned, his eyes surveying the lush landscape. "You're sure? I'll return if we make it through, but it could take years."
"I'm sure. I've grown to love this place. I'll take care of the island and it'll take care of me."
"God willing, Ceet."   
"Swift sailing, Captain. May the wind always be at your back."
"Farewell, my friend."

Ceet is a terrific character and so much fun to write. The island is also fun to portray.

That's it for this week.



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