Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Order in the Court

Okay, Gotham, you have my attention. I'm now very interested in Bruce Wayne and what's going on with him. Also loved the whole Fish / Penguin interaction. Not sure how I feel about the reporter, Vanessa Vale, yet. I'm not really down with a major triangle but I might be jumping the gun. The whole Ivy thing is also in the I'm-not-sure-about-this corner. Looking forward to Monday!

Agents of SHIELD didn't have a bad premiere. I'm still a week behind. Ended up with a nasty cold / respiratory ick and missed the episode Tuesday.

Van Helsing is still kind of "meh". I'll see if the next few episodes get better and bring the various threads together.

MacGyver is still not too bad. I'll keep watching and see if ends up going too cheesy for my tastes.

Rewatch fare remained with Miss Fisher. I started a fandom bullet journal and hope to jot down my favorite moments from the series. I've been using it to help keep track of what I like and don't like about all my shows.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Order in the Court, a sexy short started on the idea of having one character presiding over court when the other walks in as the new prosecutor or defense attorney. I put a little paranormal spin on my idea.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mace Ormondson, a fae prince, presides over the daily court grievances and disputes. When a new advocate, Nessa Goff, is appointed it turns Mace's world upside down and sideways, because Nessa happens to be the bane of his existence and a huge pain in his ass.

And a preview snippet…

Nessa Goff breathed in the anticipation of the crowd, waiting for her nightly show to begin. She thrummed from the energy, soaking it in, ready for the curtain to slide open. Being a succubus gave her limited options to garner the life-sustaining chi energy she needed to function in the human realm.
Especially since she'd made the commitment to be monogamous.
Inhaling deeply, her lungs filled with a heady thrill.
Dan James, owner of Dandy Jim's Entertainment Emporium, snapped his fingers by her ear.
She blinked and met his gaze. "Sorry, Dan. Just sampling the crowd. I didn't take too much." She hoped.
Dan quirked a brow. "Are you sure he's worth it? You could walk out and not take off your clothes and go home with any man or woman of your choice." An interested gleam lit his eyes. "Or make my entire decade and follow me back to the dressing room." He waggled his eyebrows.
Nessa laughed, shaking her shoulders so the filmy veiled fringe of her costume caught the light. "He doesn't mind my stage show, so yeah, he's worth it." She jerked her head toward the pull cord for the curtain. "Come on, let's get the party started." Taking her place behind the velvet barrier, her eyes closed and her head bowed.
The gentle swish when the curtain moved ended up being drowned out by the applause and wolf whistles of the crowd. A brief drum roll cued Nessa and her head snapped up, the swell of music coming in on her first step toward center stage. She spun, moving in a circle, rocking her hips to the beat.
The room erupted in amazing energy and Nessa gorged for several, long seconds before moving into phase two of her act. A series of spins took her to stage right where she caught hold of her one and only prop, a large feathered fan.
"Oh, yeah! This is what I paid to see." An attractive gentleman shot to his feet, fist-pumping the air. "Take those veils off, baby. Show me some skin!"
One of Dan's bouncers clasped the guy on the shoulder and urged him to sit back down. Nessa blew the man a kiss and gave an exaggerated wink. She snapped the fan shut and did a modified belly dance while moving the device into position. When she spread it open again, one of the iridescent veils pulled free. She made a show of swirling it in the air, then let it flutter to the stage.
The patrons went wild and Nessa basked in the smorgasbord of endorphins, testosterone, desire, and passion. The heady feeling of being full encompassed her and her moves got sexier and bolder. One by one, she removed the gauzy pieces of fabric, revealing tantalizing glimpses of her nude body.
After a sinuous dance across the stage, Nessa got rid of the fan and entered the final phase—sensuous gyrations with her naked body on full display. Her senses went into overload when the lust and hunger increased yet again. Her gaze scanned the audience, landing on a lone figure in a darkened corner. She couldn't see his face, but her heightened awareness didn't need visual contact. He watched. He yearned. He craved.
Satisfied and sated, she finished her show and played to the crowd, blowing kisses and waving farewell. Taking the center spot again, her head lowered and her eyes slid shut. The lights dimmed, casting her in a single beam before the music faded and the curtain swayed across the floor, the panels meeting in the middle.
Nessa reveled in the afterglow of the successful event. She practically buzzed with energy, brimming with vitality. When Dan handed her a robe, she wrapped it around her and stumbled to her dressing room. She needed to head home and prepare for tomorrow morning.
And with the mega-dose of chi, she had no doubt she'd kick some major ass.

I have a lot of love for this story. Here's hoping I can get the rest of it put together and out into the world in 2017.

That's it for this week.



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