Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Trip the Light Fantastic (A Chaos Novella)

Bleh. I'm feeling under the weather today. Allergy season is in full swing and my sinuses hate me right now. LOL

Got caught up on the premiere of Killjoys but haven't been able to watch the other two episodes yet. I hate it when On Demand makes me wait. Might have to see if they're available on SyFy. One of my favorite things about Dark Matter is how trippy they get with episodes sometimes. I love it when I have to keep up or get lost. Wynonna Earp… wow. Seriously, just wow. This show gets better with each passing episode. It's crazy, batshit, and over the top and I love every single moment.

Hoping to get into Orphan Black later this week. With five or so episodes ready, I'll have a good amount to binge watch.

I'm excited to see they've started filming season six of Arrow! Can't wait for the new season to start.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Trip the Light Fantastic, a novella in the Chaos series.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Esme Von Staunton and Ashton Sylvester think they might be going insane. Ashton's weird attunement with Esme draws her into his bizarre nightmare of hallucinations and doing things neither remember. Esme's brother Eric stumbles onto a plot by Baron Mobride and races to save his source and his favorite couple, but Mobride has other ideas and doesn't plan to let Eric thwart him.

And a preview snippet…

Esme fought back a wave of nausea. How did Ash deal with the vivid imagery of his nightmares? She wanted to heave the contents of her stomach in the nearest bin. No wonder he didn't want to fall asleep.
"Es? Hey, can you hear me?" Ash cupped her face, his warm fingers stroking her cheek.
She blinked and met his gaze. "What? Yes, of course I can hear you." Unless… "Wait, why? Were you talking to me?" Lethargy and confusion battled with her need to understand what just happened.
Ash gave her a small smile. "Yes. I asked if you were all right." He scooted back, patting the bed beside him.
She crawled up next to him and burrowed close. No idea of how to answer came to mind. With only a brief glimpse into what Ash experienced on a regular basis lately, Esme's admiration for her lover grew. How did he manage to function? No wonder he—
"Esme, please. Are you okay?" His voice filled with concern.
She snuggled against him, willing the tension from her shoulders. "I'm…" She angled her chin upward and met his gaze. "Going to be. Just need a few moments to process being in your dream while I was wide awake." Laying her head on his chest, she wrapped an arm around his waist. "That nightmare was intense." And he'd been having similar dreams for over a month.
Ash blew out a long exhalation. "It was worse than most. You died. That's a first." His fingers worked over her scalp, massaging lightly. "I don't want to envision your death ever again." He pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
Esme shifted around, moving to straddle his thighs. "I'd rather not repeat the experience either. There's something truly unsettling about watching yourself die." Loosening the sash of her robe, she shrugged out of the garment giving Ash something else to focus on.
His gaze landed on her breasts and his irises darkened with desire. Mission accomplished, she trailed her fingers along the edges of his robe, working her way down to his belt. Tugging it loose, she spread the material apart, ghosting her palms along his skin.
Settling her hand over his heart, she splayed her fingers wide. "I want to chase that image out of my mind, Ash. And I want you to help." She rocked her hips, pleased to find him hard and ready.
Ash shook his arms free of his sleeves and leaned forward. "Be happy to, Es." He captured a taut nipple between his lips, flicking his tongue back and forth before sucking the tip.
Esme groaned, loving the kick of heat shooting straight to her core. What better way to cancel the storm of uncertainty surrounding Ash's nightmares than creating a maelstrom of passion? Esme couldn't think of anything else when Ash took her to dizzying heights of pleasure.

Esme and Ash are always fun to write and this series is a joy to work with. If all goes well, I'll have the whole four-book run ready before publishing. I love the characters in this one.

That's it for this week.



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