Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Meddlesome Gods

Watching Skyfall while I write my post and trying to decide if I want to dive into The Walking Dead tonight before bed or wait until it's daylight out to view the zombiefest.

Probably wait for daylight. LOL

Tonight's post is from a short story written for the Pantheon anthology with Ellipses Press. Meddlesome Gods has Cupids of the First Order and interaction with Aphrodite and Ares. Fun times!!

Here's the tagline:

Bree Daniels, a Cupid of the First Order, loves to have a good time and stays foot loose and fancy free. But when she has to face Archer Stewart, the one she pushed away, her feelings get all tangled up. Being immortal has lots of perks, but loneliness isn't one of them.

And now for a preview snippet…

Bree Daniels had a dilemma. Up next for a turn at the matching pool—she'd put it off as long as she could—she'd end up face to face with Archer Stewart. And he would not be happy to see her.
And didn't that just figure? Because she couldn't wait to lay eyes on him. And maybe her hands and other body parts, too. If he didn't try to strangle her before she had the chance.
She didn't really blame him. Her track record with him sucked so far. First, there were the less than stellar circumstances they'd met under. She'd arrived naked from a beach in Belize. The hook-up she'd had took a weird turn and the guy hid her clothes. Already late, she decided not to waste time and popped into the Grotto sans anything but skin…which completely made a bad impression with Arch.
But they'd muddled through that debacle and found some common ground. Enough that they spent some time together. Got to know each other. Spent a glorious week at the Four Corners.
The sex had been incredible.
But Arch wanted more…and Bree didn't feel ready to be tied down.
That didn't go over well.
And then came the curse. Poor Arch couldn't leave the Grotto until Ares removed it. And she'd been the indirect cause.
Gads…when she screwed up, she really did it up right.
She needed some deified intervention. And found herself standing outside Aphrodite's private chambers.
If anyone could help Bree fix the mess she'd made, it would be the goddess of love.
Raising a hand, she rang the chimes and waited to be summoned inside.

Gotta say, getting Bree out of the mess she's made of everything has been wicked fun writing. She's caught up in a trap of her own making and I love writing characters like her.

That's it for this week.



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