Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Snippet: In Enemy Territory (Under the Blackwatch Banner)

Whew. What a week. Our high school's homecoming is next weekend and we're in a flurry to get the last-minute accessories for the big event. We usually host about six couples each year and we're getting the menu finalized and nailing down who's bringing what. Like I said. Whew.

Had a semi-productive viewing week for television. The season premiere of The Last Ship didn't disappoint. I loved how much exposition they packed into small moments. I'm so excited for the next episode, even though we lost two of my favorite characters.

I caught the second episode of Birds of Prey. Also caught episodes of Pensacola Wings of Gold and Lexx. I'd forgotten what happened during the most recently watched Lexx. Now I need to see the next episode to see what the fallout was. LOL

Caught a classic movie on DVD, Crazy Love. It's a Myrna Loy / William Powell comedy and it was excellent!

Watched another episode of Strike Back. I'm beginning to like how the team is coming together and it was great to have some references back to the previous incarnation of Section Twenty.

Finally, I watched the next to last episode of season six Chicago Fire. I'll be interested to see what happens in the finale.

That's pretty much it. Caught the usual marathons of Murder, She Wrote and In the Heat of the Night along with a mini-marathon of The Saint.

Tonight's post is from In Enemy Territory, an Under the Blackwatch Banner book.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Verity Jones and Emory Cavendish welcome a new CO under the Blackwatch banner. Lawrence Worthington hits the ground running and gets up to speed quickly. He has to—the mission rate doubles when a group of resistance teams gets ambushed simultaneously. He needs every member—including Verity—at the top of their game and he has to find out how the enemy got their hands on the base locations.

And a preview snippet…

Emory Cavendish pulled the printed strip from the telegraph. "Shit." He grabbed his cover and darted from the office.
He needed to find Verity and get his squadron together. The new commanding officer would be at Blackwatch within the hour.
Crossing the courtyard at an almost dead run, his gaze scanned the road leading to the estate. "Nothing like supremely short notice." He reached the hangar and ducked inside, letting his eyes adjust to the dimly lit interior.
He spotted Verity first—when didn't he—and headed in her direction. Flat on her back, she used wrench on the landing gear of a plane. Her bent knees gave her some extra leverage to get the bolt refastened.
He stopped next to her and waved the four pilots present over. "New CO is due anytime now. Let's get everyone together and be ready when he arrives." Verity sat up, her face smudged with grease. "Jones, you'll want to get cleaned up a little. Meet us in the briefing hall when you can." She gave him an eye roll but got up and dusted off her hands.
Giving him a mocking salute, she smirked. "Right away, captain." Turning on her heel, she sauntered across the hangar and exited to cross the grassy lawn.
His second in command came up beside Emory. "Do you know who the new CO is?" Concern edged his voice.
After the fiasco with Whitcomb, Emory didn't blame him for being worried.
Emory nodded. "I do. And it's a definite step up." Which didn't actually say much.
An animated corpse would be better than Whitcomb turned out to be. But their new commanding officer's reputation nudged into sterling territory.
The deputy CAG's eyebrows rose. "Are you going to fill me in or is there some big secret?" Patience would never rank as one of Percy's strong traits.
Emory didn't see a reason to keep Percy waiting. "Major Lawrence Worthington is coming to take Whitcomb's place."
Percy's mouth dropped open. "As in…" Wonder and awe filled his voice.
Emory lifted his chin. "As in." Britain's former best pilot.
Only one other man had a better record than Worthington—Victor "Ace" Jones.
Verity's dad.

I'm very excited about this series. Here's hoping I get the time to finish up the plotting and planning and really dive into the writing.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Illustrious Curse (A Lantern Jack tale)

Well, September is off to a bumpy start. Not in a bad way, more like a "here are some changes, let's see how you like them" kind of thing. So far… meh… I'm not a big fan. LOL

Got some solid television viewing in. I'm still not back to the usual schedule, but I'm getting there. Right in time for the new seasons to start.

Last week, I caught Chicago Fire and I'm almost at the end of season six. Also caught another episode of Luke Cage and a few episodes of Classic Who. I also watched the second episode of Driven from Passionflix.

Started Penny Dreadful and wow, not at all what I expected and better than I thought it would be. Looking forward to more of this show.

Caught another episode of Killjoys and, seriously, I love this show so much!! The banter is sheer perfection and the complicated relationships are awesome. I got another episode of The Dresden Files in and caught a couple of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Followed that up with Canal Road. I have two episodes left of this one and I'm still not one hundred percent sure if I've called the killer of Spence's wife. Guess I'll find out soon.

Watched another series thirteen episode of Midsomer Murders and followed that with Babylon 5 and The Sarah Conner Chronicles. I also watched a marathon of Hallmark Channel's The Good Witch movies.

All in all, not a bad week for television. Tonight's post is from The Illustrious Curse, a Lantern Jack Short and probably the final book in the series.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lantern Jack is back to right his final wrong. Inara Ives is a distant descendant of Jack's wife, the former banshee queen. Her royal blood is diluted, but still strong. Taben Tarrah can trace his ancestry back to the cursed goblin king, Lantrien Jacquard, but his noble blood is tainted by the lineage. Jack brings the two together to finally put his past to rest and join his deceased bride in the afterlife. The duo won't make it easy… but Jack's success over the years means he won't be thwarted.

And a preview snippet…

Taben Tarrah slammed his hand on the table. "Dammit! I knew there was a deep, dark secret in our past." His mother's recent death finally allowed him access to the twisted, terrible tale.
I carry the tainted blood of the freaking cursed goblin king.
No wonder the family's fortunes always turned on a dime. "And usually for the worse." Taben snorted. "Every damn time."
Lantrien Jacquard. Taben traced the name on the document. The last king of the goblins. Jeez, Taben had grown up with the stories of how Jacquard went mad when his wife died. No… the banshee queen had been murdered. Retaliation, so the story went.
Rising, Taben paced the length of the kitchen in the house he'd grown up in. "At least shit makes sense now." The way life got great then ended up trashed beyond all recognition. "My great-great-great-however many damn greats-gramps fucked us all over."
Okay, Jacquard didn't really do the fucking over. Circumstances beyond his control pushed fate in a terrible direction. His grief tipped the scales further and he descended into madness, disrupting the balance between the netherworld factions, creating chaos with his royal power. When the ruling court finally caught up with him, they stripped him of his power, banished him from his kingdom, and cursed him to never join his beloved queen in the afterlife.
Pausing, Taben went back to the table. "So, how did that work?" Cursed to do what?
He rifled through the yellowed pages in the tattered files. There had to be something, information about what the curse entailed. Surely the ruling court didn't mean for the goblin king's line to forever pay the price for his misdeeds.
Taben sighed. "Or maybe they did. It's been centuries and every generation since Jacquard's reign seems doomed to fail." Never to achieve more than fleeting moments of good fortune.
Settling back in the chair, Taben's brain spun with too many thoughts. A recent shift had taken place. Former enemies had become allies. Warring factions set aside differences and formed new bonds. The slow progression of healing rifts had a lot of people talking about the potential cause.
Taben shrugged. "Probably too much to hope for the goblins getting a break." After all, since the king's fall, the once majestic leaders had no one's trust.
Thanks a lot, Gramps.

Taben and Jack are going to be fun to write. Throw in Inara, who's not taking any of the males' posturing, and a new level of fun is achieved.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Ill-Timed Case

Greetings, September! I decided to start at least thinking about what to do for holiday shopping this year. I'm fairly certain I've decided the direction I want to go in for the kids and the husband. Possibly even my parental unit. This never happens. I fully expect the world to stop spinning sometime in the near future. Just saying.

Had a super crazy and busy week, but still got some solid viewing in. Granted, I did end up doing the usual marathons of Murder, She Wrote and In the Heat of the Night. I also got a solid block of The Saint in. Also got two episodes of Classic Who watched.

I started Sunday with Midsomer Murders then followed with Babylon 5 and The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Monday, I caught the Birds of Prey pilot episode. I loved this show so much when it premiered. Tuesday was Pensacola Wings of Gold. Wednesday, I watched another episode of Lexx and on Thursday, I watched Surprised by Love, a Hallmark original. Finally found one I thoroughly enjoyed.

On Friday, I started season five of Strike Back. I got interrupted during the first episode so I'll finish it over the weekend. I did finish Band of Brothers, which is one of my rewatch at any time shows.

Saturday has been a big block of The Saint again. Not sure what else I'll get into but I'm writing the blog post a little early so it's out of the way.

Still behind on Killjoys and Wynonna Earp, but I'll definitely make sure to watch every single episode in the near future.

That's it for this week. Tonight's post is from Ill-Timed Case, a novella that got its start with a scene prompt of welcome to [character A]'s private investigations where [character B] is a prime suspect. Seriously… I love prompts that make vivid images pop up in my head.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Rex Van Adder, private investigator, has more cases than he can handle. Enter Gracie Lee, along with a dead body, and Rex scrambles to keep his head above water, especially since he knows Gracie is involved but can't figure out how.

And a preview snippet…

Rex returned to his office-cum-home away from home. Pouring a drink, he settled behind the desk with the lightning and thunder flashing and booming in the wee hours. He tried to focus on the filmed footage of the crime scene from McGuiness's murder. Thoughts of the beautiful woman kept distracting him.
Downing the liquor in his glass, he shook his head. "Damn, Rex. You're as bad as Marlow, letting your head get turned by a gorgeous female." He poured another round and almost got another gulp in before his phone rang. "Van Adder." Only one person would call this late aside from Avery.
His father's voice boomed. "Rex, what the hell happened to McGuiness?" Irritation and frustration traveled over the connection.
Rex rolled his eyes. "Hey, Dad. Nice weather we're having." Another crash of thunder and flash of lightning split the sky.
Mel Van Adder growled low in his throat. "Dammit, Rex. I don't have time for pleasantries. What. Happened?" A hint of desperation crept into his tone.
Rex sighed. "Look, I'm not sure yet, Dad. The police are working the case." He braced for the angry response.
Mel didn't fail. "Well, what the hell are you going to do? I need the information he had about who wanted the gems and the location of his."
As if Rex didn't know the reason he'd been hired to provide security. The legend of the gemstones and what they could be used for had his father in a lathered frenzy. Mel Van Adder wanted to reclaim the five jewels and keep them under lock and key.
Rex pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. "Dad, the guy is dead." Meaning they'd have to approach purchasing the stones from a different angle. "But I might have a lead the cops don't know about. I need to do some research and surveillance, but I'll let you know what I discover." If he could get back to viewing the footage.
And keep a certain brunette from intruding on his thoughts.
Mel grumbled his acceptance. "Fine. See that you do." He paused a moment. "And call your mother. You know she worries about you." Because Mel kept putting Rex in dangerous situations.
Rex snorted. "Right, Dad. How about I call her later in the morning.  You know she won't appreciate me waking her up at three am." A not so gentle reminder of the ungodly hour.
Mel signed off. "Fine. Fine. Just don't forget." He cut the call.
Rex shook his head again. "Gee, Dad, thanks for calling."
Sipping his drink, he went back to running the camera footage, hoping to discover where his beautiful lady went.

I have so much fun writing stories with a noir feel. My fondest hope is a new romance subgenre is created for urban noir.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hush

Ugh. My daughter had her first fender bender already. I haven't even made the first car payment yet. LOL

She's fine, which is all that truly matters. The car isn't completely wrecked and that's also a good thing. Whew.

Needless to say, I had a lot of distractions this past week. That said, I did get a few good viewing sessions in.

I started Luke Cage's second season and liked the first episode. I'm very interested in seeing what happens with everyone. Also caught two episodes of Killjoys and one of Wynonna Earp. Still behind, but I'll get caught up eventually.

Started the limited series Driven from Passionflix. So far… definitely so good. I'm so happy to be a founding member of this venture.

I ended up getting an episode of The Dresden Files in along with the tenth episode of Canal Road.

On DVD this week, I caught Batman: Assault on Arkham and the Veronica Mars movie. Enjoyed both!

Also did my usual marathon viewings of Murder, She Wrote and In the Heat of the Night. Got in an episode of Peter Gunn, too.

And that's pretty much it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hush, a novella that started with a word prompt of "hand over mouth".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kia Bleu and Chip Strachey have a powerful connection and finally give in to their attraction. When Chip's former flame hexes the couple, they have to learn to communicate without words.

And a preview snippet…

Sadie Garrish melted into the shadows, avoiding the crowd surrounding Chip Strachey and Kia Blue.
The duo accepted accolades, laughing and giddy. And why not? They'd wowed the elders with their display of controlled chaos during the collegiate semester finals for the mage academy.
Sadie narrowed her eyes. "I should've been Chip's partner." She'd worked her ass off to catch his attention.
And she'd held it for six months. A guy like Chip attracted people, especially females, like magnets. He garnered respect and Sadie wanted what he had. Why shouldn't she protect what belonged to her? Fight to keep him occupied and under her influence?
But he'd kicked her to the curb—all because she didn't like other women encroaching on her territory. So what if she got angry when he got a new spell partner? Or when he studied more than catering to her whims? She made herself available, kept herself ready, and inserted herself into his life so they could be the perfect couple.
Chip and Kia basked in the congratulatory crowd's energy.
Sadie rolled her eyes. "Look at her grabbing his shirt and batting her eyelashes." Her hands balled into fists. "And Chip… I'll bet he's harder than a rock." She growled when Chip brought his hands up and cupped Kia's face. "Yep. There he goes, leaning in for a kiss." Sadie blew out a harsh breath. "That's okay, Chipper. You go right ahead and dip your wick somewhere else. Just this once." Her eyes narrowed. "But don't even think about falling for Kia Blue. Or I'll make you regret it."
Turning from the hurtful sight, Sadie walked away from the crowded quad.
She had resources no one knew about and she'd use them to keep Chip under her thumb.
Chip would be back in her life and her bed, no matter what.
A small smile curved her lips. "No doubt about it."

I like where this one will end up going. Sadie's got issues but she's not a standard mustache-twirling antagonist.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hot Target

Yeesh, another crazy-busy week. And it's allergy season for me, so… yay. Not.

I had a particularly lengthy manuscript with formatting issues so my viewing schedule dwindled again this week. As usual, I caught marathons of Murder, She Wrote and In the Heat of the Night as background for much of the week.

I caught a CW Seed pilot called Cupid's Match. Gotta say that one looked kind of interesting. Also watched Pensacola: Wings of Gold and another episode of Lexx.

I ended up starting and not finishing another Hallmark Movie. I apparently like the mysteries way better than the meet-cutesy ones. Still… I'll keep sampling.

On DVD, I caught two Batman movies. Bad Blood and The Killing Joke. Both were pretty decent and I enjoyed the more adult-oriented storyline.

Finished season four of Strike Back and I'm geared up for season five. Looking forward to seeing if I like the new cast as much as I loved the previous one.

I'm almost finished with season six of Chicago Fire. I truly love where the cast is right now. Of course, there's a major shake-up for season seven so I'm not sure how I'll like that.

Caught a sci-fi marathon of original series Battlestar Galactica, Kolchak, the Night Stalker, Lost in Space, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea last night. I love revisiting some of those classic shows.

And that's it for television this week. I'm behind on Wynonna and Killjoys, but should catch up this week. Fingers crossed. Tonight's post is from Hot Target, a novella that got a start with a sci-fi prompt but the sages wanted to go fae / fantasy on this one. Who am I to argue?

Here's the mini-blurb:

Yates and Baylor work undercover for the mage council. They make a great team, but rarely see eye to eye. When their magical brethren start dropping like flies, one of them must become a hot target. Yates decides he'll do it… Baylor's a better shot.

And a preview snippet…

Yates kept a watchful eye on Baylor when they hit one of their usual haunts, a bar called Guppy's in the center of downtown. "You're quiet." He pulled the door open and had her precede him inside.
Baylor sent him a sideways glance. "I'm focused. There's a difference." She made a left, sticking to the perimeter of the dim and smoky interior.
Yates didn't counter her excuse. She walked the razor's edge of keeping it together and she could think what she wanted.
As for him? He believed her to be about one step away from unleashing vengeance on anyone who pissed her off. And that wouldn't be him.
Taking the opposite direction, he made his way along the right rear wall. He'd hit the corner when he spotted Drake Unger, low man on the totem pole for a black market dealer—one who kept his ear to the ground for useful tidbits of information. Drake pulled in a hefty sum with his side business of selling said intelligence.
Making his way over, Yates stopped at the table and jerked his head toward the rear exit. Drake inclined his chin and Yates moved forward, heading for the back corridor to wait. Unger didn't dawdle, arriving within a few moments.
"Bannerson, what can I do for you?" Drake's gaze scanned the confined space, a safety precaution for a guy in his line of work.
Yates got the point. "Give me anything you have on the death of Margo Penschot."
Unger's eyes went wide. "Why do you think I know anything about it?" The way his gaze shifted sideways gave him away.
Yates propped a shoulder on the wall. "Come on, Unger. You've got your finger on the pulse of the city. If nothing else, you've heard a whisper or two about her death." Probably more, but Yates wouldn't push hard.
Drake shrugged. "Okay, I might have heard a rumor, nothing substantiated, but there's a new player in town." He leaned in close and lowered his voice. "And he's got a hard-on for someone. Not sure if Margo's death is connected and no one knows this guy's name yet." Straightening, Drake rubbed his fingers together, indicating he wanted payment.
Yates pulled a twenty from his wallet. "Consider this a down payment. If you hear anything else, contact me directly."
Drake frowned. "Are you kidding? That's a fifth of what I expected."
Yates quirked a brow. "You'd rather I bring Baylor, Margo's best friend, over and let her explain how things are going to work?"
Drake blanched and snagged the twenty. "Uh, no. I'd rather not tangle with her right now." Stuffing the money in his pocket, he shuffled around Yates and made a retreat to his table.
Yates snorted. "Thought you'd see things my way." He reentered the main bar and looked around for Baylor.
She had her back to him, talking with the bartender. Her agitated movements indicated a heated discussion. When she drew her fist back, Yates hurried over and caught her before she could let it fly.
He wrapped an arm around her and nudged her toward the door. "Time to go, Bay. I've got some news."

I'm excited about seeing where this one goes. I love characters in peril and outsmarting their adversary.

That's it for this week.



Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hot as Hades

The start of the school year looms closer for my last kidlet. She'll be starting her junior year but she's already been involved in fall activities. Band camp for two weeks and three-day-a-week practices in the evenings. The golf season officially started and she had her best eighteen-hole round this past week with an eighty-eight on a par seventy-two course. In between all that, she worked a part-time summer job at our local pool, got hired and trained for a new part-time job at a local restaurant that opens in a few weeks, and got her first car. GAH! Okay, the husband and I are actually paying for the car, but she's involved in so much we decided she needed a vehicle. She'll be contributing toward the payment and her insurance with the part-time job and banking the rest of her paycheck in her shiny new checking account.

The struggle is real… my wee one is fast approaching adulthood.

So… the busy week of car loans and new editing projects kept me from my usual viewing schedule. I did a lot of Murder, She Wrote and In the Heat of the Night marathons. I did catch a few other shows.

Wynonna Earp. Watching everyone grieve for Dolls broke me a little. It's Wynonna Earp so of course there was nothing standard for the process. And we got quite a bit of plot momentum and new secrets. This show… never a dull moment. Ever. And one of the best fight scenes ever in the history of fight scenes on Wynonna Earp. Just saying.

I'm behind on Killjoys, which makes me very sad. I'll hopefully catch up this week. Fingers crossed.

I caught another episode of Garage Sale Mysteries, which I'm rather fond of. I like the dynamic and mix of characters. And in the mystery category, I caught the first episode of Midsomer Murders season thirteen. Moving right along on the episodes I haven't seen yet.

Also caught some more The Dresden Files and remembered by I enjoyed this show so much when it originally aired.

Caught another episode of Canal Road and I gotta say I have a theory on who either killed Spence's wife or ordered it done. I'm totally going to freak out if I'm correct. Australia has some kick ass television… just saying.

I watched two Batman DVDs this week. Gotham by Gaslight ended up being a terrific experience, topped only by a rather grown-up for animated DC fare of Batman and Harley Quinn. Seriously, I'm down with the kid version, but I'm completely there for a more adult-oriented movie.

Caught another episode of Babylon 5, basically the opening of the first season after the initial pilot. I'm looking forward to rewatching the entire series. Also caught most of another episode of The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

And that's about it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hot as Hades, a novella that started as a special call submission featuring gods and goddesses.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Roxie St. Clair, an up and coming artist, wants to live and work on her own terms. But when the god of the underworld informs her of the underhanded tactics of her former employer, she decides to turn the tables and fight back.

And a preview snippet…

Strange did not begin to describe the information swirling around in Roxie's head. The god of the underworld traipsed around among the mortals… and even more surprising was the reason why.
To please his mate and fulfill a promise to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.
Could Roxie's life get anymore insane?
She stared out at the Mediterranean landscape, marveling anew that she even had the opportunity to do so. The view couldn't be more magnificent. She wanted to reach out and grab the gorgeous colors to take home with her.
Actually she wanted whatever dream she was in to never end. The whys and hows Hades used to transport her to this place were beyond her realm of imagination. She honestly didn't care anyway. Sometimes leaving things unexplained made the (more sense) best option.
Especially when it felt like everything was about to come together in a big way. She'd just met Aleksander Callas and they'd hit it off immediately. Just as Hades told her they would.
Aleks was quite possibly exactly what she wanted in a man. Smart without being condescending, he discussed her work and where she'd like to see it. He asked questions and presented options instead of telling her how things would go.
And holy hell he was handsome. But not in a pretty way. He looked like he'd be as completely at ease in the wilderness as he was in the city.
Well-rounded. That was the term she'd use.
Roxie liked him. A lot. And now she had to wonder if it was all too easy. Hades did whatever he did to get them here and BOOM… her life suddenly looked like a happy fairy tale.
The other shoe would drop or an anvil would fall out of the sky and land squarely on her head. Right? It couldn't be this easy.
She turned in the direction of the voice. Aleks strolled out onto the terrace and made his way to her side. She faced forward again, unwilling to let him see how much doubt she had. She also had to fight her attraction to him. If ever she wanted to break a rule…
"Where's Hades?" She figured the god was a safe topic.
Aleks shrugged. "He was called away for a bit. He said he'd return within the hour."
Roxie nodded, but said nothing. She faced a dilemma. Hades made the introductions, ate a leisurely lunch, and bowed out? Had he noticed the jolt she got when Aleks shook her hand? Did he see her flush when she went hot? Hades couldn't possibly know she thought Aleks looked good enough to eat… in small bites… to make it last longer and savor the all the yummy goodness.
She didn't want the powerful pull she experienced around Aleks – like a satellite sucked into a planet's orbit – but she couldn't help it. She had so hoped when he opened his mouth, she'd discover ice water flowed in his veins. No such luck. His cultured accent sent delicious shivers down her spine.
The more she found out about him, the more magnetic the attraction. Aleks worked with dozens of very well-known artisans. But he didn't name drop or expect accolades. So unlike Rick Martin, who would have found at least three ways to work the biggest 'name' into the conversation within the first five minutes.
And Rick always talked work. The next big event he planned. How much he raked it in at his last opening. Who he hobnobbed with at the most recent gala. Aleks smoothly traversed back and forth between art and myriad of other subjects. A couple of hours with him and they had several interests in common: stargazing, taste in music, and cooking.
Why, why, why did she have to find the man so damned appealing?
He angled his head toward hers. "You're pensive, Roxie. What's bothering you?" His hand moved to rest on top of hers.
Roxie scrambled for an answer. "This has to be too good to be true." Not a lie, she fought the urge to pinch herself to make sure she didn't dream it all up.
Aleks shook his head. "No, all true. But it will take work. Hard work." He studied her for a moment. "But you're used to that. Tell me what's really on your mind."
Damn his perception. Roxie eased away from the railing and paced back and forth. She stopped, turned toward Aleks and blurted. "I'm very attracted to you, dammit."
Aleks raised a brow. "And that's a bad thing?" His lips quirked, but he managed not to laugh.
Roxie paced again. "Yes. No." She threw an arm out, frustrated. "I don't know." Her feet stopped again. "I have a rule. I do not mix business and pleasure." She heaved a sigh. "And I really, really want to with you."
Aleks did grin. "Is that all?" He moved to her side and turned her toward him. "In that case… I hate your work. Problem solved." He snapped his fingers.
Roxie laughed. "God, if only it were that easy."
Aleks slid his hands to her shoulders and leaned in to whisper. "It is. Kiss me, Roxie."
God, his voice made her wet and tingly. Her hands moved up to cup his face and her mouth met his. Oh hell, the man kissed like he did everything else. Damned good.
Her blood heated and thrummed through her veins. His hands skimmed down her back and cupped her ass. Aleks slid his tongue against hers and Roxie wanted to strip down and do him right there on the balcony. In broad daylight.

I love this story so much. Need to get cracking on finishing up the scenes and getting ready to publish!

That's it for this week.



Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Hold to Let Go

Wow… it's August. Almost time for school to get started again and the fall sports season to get underway. For me, this means feed the team for one of my daughter's golf matches and getting ready for football games and band competitions. Oh… and homecoming. We got the dress picked out and ready to order today. Yeesh.

Had a low-key week in television. Got kind of busy doing other things and ended up watching a lot of binge scheduling of Murder, She Wrote.

On DVD, I finished up Batman: The Brave and the Bold and got the second half of The Batman's season five episodes. Really enjoyed both.

Finished up the second to last episode of Strike Back's fourth season. Caught a Chicago Fire episode and also watched the season one finale of Sense8. Man… I'm completely sucked in to this show. I was going to watch the second season of Luke Cage then watch season two of Sense8, but I need to know what happens next. LOL Sorry, Luke… I'll be there soon.

Started Patrick Melrose but it didn't grab me. I'll watch it sometime later. Had a binge watch of The Saint on regular television. I'll be hunting down the entire series in the near future. Really love the show.

I'll be watching Wynonna Earp and Killjoys later this week. Had too much stuff going on Friday night to watch live.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Hold to Let Go, a sexy short about bringing two characters together during a tumultuous time.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Banner Nix and Quade Newelson go way back and have a lot of baggage to show for it. When an opportunity to save their people presents itself, they put their crap aside and work together to make it happen, even though their plan is in direct opposition to their leaders'

And a preview snippet…

The PM caught Quade after the session. "You know I wasn't ready to start in on the overcrowding. I don't like being blindsided."
Quade snorted. "I'm well aware." The PM and Quade's old man went way back. Quade knew exactly what set the man off. "I saw an opening and took it. You'd have done the same."
Mick couldn't argue the point. Instead he jumped on the other bone of contention. "Hear anything from your girlfriend?"
Quade didn't take the bait. "Did you miss the old man's morning briefing?" Mick scowled as an answer. "Then you know we haven't." Quade rose and met the PM's gaze. "Trust me, sir. You'll be the first call he makes."
Fitzwater harrumphed and conceded defeat. Quade watched the man exit the room before sinking back down into his empty seat.
"He likes to wind you up." Ron Adams, the under prime minister, ducked into the conference room. "You didn't let him this time."
Quade's lips curved in a half-smile. "I've had a lot of practice deflecting his barbed attacks." He stood up again. "And he needed to get a lick in. I did open the overcrowding topic knowing he wasn't ready to address anything."
Adams's voice went terse. "Not everything can be done on his timetable. He's gotta realize that fact sometime." Ron fell into step beside Quade. "You did good today. The positive response from the other delegates proves it."
Quade shook his head. "It's the first item on the agenda. The top question I get when meeting with the constituents." He made a turn toward his newly assigned quarters. "I owe it to them to at least bring it up."
Ron halted his progress with a firm grasp on his shoulder. "Interesting way of bypassing regular protocol. Did you plan it that way?"
Quade frowned. "What? No." He'd have to watch his step if Ron thought he'd have an opening. "The PM's misconception worked in my favor this time." He shot Adams a bland look. "It won't always play out that way. He'll be ready for the next meeting."
Adams sighed. "Too bad. I thought we might actually have a chance to get things accomplished." He slowly meandered down to his suite of rooms.
Quade ducked into quarters. He felt for the under PM, but the lack of progress didn't rest solely on the administration. The military arm came into play and the long-standing friendship between the commander and the PM often made for stalling tactics. No one really knew how to get out of their current predicament… and the research took time.
Hopefully between the scrolls and Banner's quest, they'd find a path to a new home.

I love mixing the paranormal angle with the political one. This is a fun story to write.

That's it for this week.