Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Six Degrees of Separation

Apparently an awards show aired earlier tonight. LOL I didn't watch the Oscars because I got sucked into Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. I have an episode of Banshee to catch up on then I'm ready to start my new TV viewing week. YAY!

As promised, tonight's post is from Six Degrees of Separation. It follows the events in The Souvenir and delves a little deeper into the fallout when Ramona and Melick realize how they feel for each other.

Here's the tagline:

Melick Traynor and Ramona Peartry, two Academy of Light magicians, have a single passionate encounter after Ramona nearly loses her life to a dragon. But when they navigate their new relationship status, Melick has to step down as Ramona's precept, but neglects to tell her why.

And the preview snippet…

Ramona shifted on her cot. The healing chambers didn't offer much in the way of entertainment. She'd already been banned from practicing spells. Too disruptive to the other four patients or something stupid like that.
Bored and cranky, she had no to blame but herself. It sucked.
Technically, after five days in the infirmary, she should've been back in classes and working on achieving the next level. They'd repaired the more extensive damage to her knee after tangling with the dragon, but not even two binding spells seemed to be enough to get her up and on her feet. She knew the biggest reason had nothing to do with the dull throb that wouldn't quite go away. She might be great at acting tough. But she hated pain. Yet that didn't keep her down for the count.
Nope. The big, bad reason she couldn't seem to get out of bed related to one thing.
It terrified her to think she might have permanent damage. Sure. But if she had to be honest—and she kinda didn't have an option since she had nothing to do but think about stuff—she didn't know if she could face Melick on equal footing after the whirlpool tryst.
He'd opened up something, broken through her defenses and changed the rules on her. And yeah, he stopped in to visit her every day but the maddening man hadn't mentioned the hot encounter at all. What, exactly, should she think about that?
Too many different things, dammit.
She had time on her hands and it forced her to run through every scenario. Goods ones. Bad ones. Yesterday she'd almost grabbed him and begged him to explain what he'd been thinking that first night back. If only to get the big asshat to have a reaction. Yet she couldn't bring herself to spit it out.
Usually she had zero problem asking point blank questions, but found when she really gave a damn about the outcome, the words didn't come so easy. And it sorta pissed her off. She could pull off elaborate pranks and jokes, but didn't have the ability to have a very serious conversation?
Mage's bones, what an idiot.
She settled back down in the bed and whipped out a deck of cards. A distraction would do wonders to restore her mood.

Melick needs a good, strong lesson in Communication Skills 101. LOL

That's it for this week.



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