Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Shaken Alliances (Technorati, Book One)

Hello! Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

I'm looking at the weather for tomorrow and kind of wondering if it'll warm up before Memorial Day. I sorta think it might not. LOL

Also watching Walking Dead and so far very satisfied with the finale. I'll stop now and not spoil anyone.

Tonight's post is from a new series tentatively titled The Technorati. The first book is Shaken Alliances. It's kind of an ambitious series so it'll be a while before I really get it going, but unlike the past few snippets, this one is pretty much plotted out. YAY!

Here's the tagline:

Janna Allgood, a corporal in the Alliance, is the best at what she does, bringing Technorati deceivers to justice. But when she's assigned the task of tracking down the notorious leader of the rogue technomancers, she discovers a new calling, one that puts her life in danger because it may bring down the Alliance she works for.

And here's the preview snippet…

"You're the best, Janna. That's why I'm assigning this opportunity to you."
Janna Allgood didn't care for the familiarity the Section Chief, Warren DeBerg, used when addressing her. Standard operating procedures existed for a reason. She studied the big, beefy man with a regulation Alliance buzz cut and the demeanor to match. Words like 'best' and 'opportunity' sounded foreign when they came from his mouth. He looked more the type to bust heads than run administrative circles.
Janna didn't respond. He hadn't finished his spiel yet. Sadly.
"Paxton Teller is at the top of our rogue list. You'll have whatever you need at your disposal." He walked around the desk and settled his hefty bulk on the edge. "Manpower, equipment, funds. Undercover garb." He paused for a moment and swept his gaze over her form. "You'll have to lose the uniform if you want to snag this bastard."
Janna didn't have to read Chief DeBerg's mind to know the man pictured her naked at that very moment. It pissed her off, but she held herself in check and refrained from planting an image in his brain of his balls in a vice. The rule forbidding technomancers from doing anything along those lines to Alliance officials sucked hairy ones.
But she played by the rules…even when she didn't particularly want to.
He pursed his lips together and made a tsking sound. "You understand what this means don't you, Janna?"
The continued use of her first name grated. The best deserved to be addressed by rank, didn't they? Janna worked hard to rise to the level of first attendant.
Her lips thinned. "Yes, Chief DeBerg—"
He waved his hand. "Warren."
Janna kept her face impassive, refusing to personalize the conversation. Regardless of being told differently, she always followed the regs. She wouldn't risk a black mark on her record.
She took a deep breath. "It means, Sir, I have unlimited resources and assistance to bring in Paxton Teller, your most wanted rogue TM."
His answering smile could only be described as slimy. "Yes. It also means I'm giving you carte blanche to make it happen." His voice took on an oily quality. "Starting now, standard regulations don't apply to you." He lifted his hand and slippery fingers found their way to her cheek. "At least they won't until you bring me Teller." The creepy vibe continued when he trailed one digit along her jaw line. "Tomorrow is soon enough to start on the trail. Why don't you join me for evening meal?"
Janna barely suppressed a shudder at the thought, but managed. "With all due respect, Sir." She gave him her sweetest smile. "I can use the time to pull all the data on Teller and begin prep on the mission." Keeping her eyes straight ahead, she asked for dismissal. "By your leave?"
DeBerg huffed out a sigh. "If you insist, Corporal Allgood." She turned to leave and he tacked on a warning. "Don't forget who's giving you this opportunity…or who's holding the purse strings."
Janna stopped short, but didn't look back. "No, Sir. I wouldn't dream of it." She made her exit and dashed down the corridor before he could find another reason to detain her.
Back in quarters, Janna showered—a nice, long cleansing session—and changed into workout attire. She mentally shuffled through a list of scenarios and chose a mid-level one to get started. Projecting it onto the holoscreen, she gave herself a ten count before setting it to go. She breathed deeply and cleared her mind.
The simulations got progressively harder as she ran through the known data on Paxton Teller. She had her work cut out on this one. Not only would she have to dodge DeBerg, she'd have to do it while chasing an elusive leader whose cause seemed to gain more followers by the day.

Janna's got her work cut out and has no idea what's really in store for her. So far, it's been loads of fun getting all the plot bombs set up and ready to go.

That's it for this week.



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