Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Snippet: A Magical Affair

April 28, 2013

Hello! I'm pulling myself away from mainlining Strike Back's third season to make my post. LOL Seriously, Stonebridge and Scott own me, heart and soul, right now. They're followed closely by Oliver Queen…I can't believe there are only three more episodes of Arrow this season. I'll be chewing at the bit during the hiatus. Or…watching the eps all over again. Other shows grabbing my attention are Defiance and Orphan Black. So much good television right now. YAY!

Tonight's post is from a special call I hope to have ready in August to submit. A Magical Affair is set around Halloween and takes place in a mansion that happens to sit atop an ancient wellspring of magic. Lots of fun for the trio who gets to live out all their fantasies over a very special weekend.

Here's the tagline:

A mansion sitting atop an ancient wellspring of magic offers Romy, Heath, and Stacie the chance to live out all their lustful fantasies. Heath is thrilled for the opportunity, but he wants one thing above all…for Romy to give up control and let him call the shots.

And here's the preview snippet…

"You're sure about this?" Stacie Williams plopped down beside Romy Bludd. "Our friendship is more important than having a weekend of super-hot sex with an awesome guy like Heath."
Romy smiled. "Stace, I'm okay because you're my best friend. Heath and I've had this fantasy for two years and I had issues with bringing someone else in and not being able to control everything." She paused. "But I know you almost better than I know myself. You won't go over the top stalker, and you're not harboring any deep, unrequited love for Heath. You just appreciate his hard body and screaming good looks." Kicking her feet up onto the table, she shrugged. "You're not in a relationship at the moment, so no awkward trying to explain why you're traipsing off to a magical mansion for a Halloween weekend tryst…and don't want company."
Stacie grinned. "You're lucky I’m at loose ends and haven't had time to do more than look for a hook up." She propped her feet beside Romy's. "
Romy frowned. "I can't believe you were gone for ten months. I missed you." She nudged Stacie's shoulder. "You're never allowed to take off for training abroad again."
Stacie laughed. "Think of it this way, you and Heath had plenty of time to work the kinks out and look at you now." She turned and faced Romy. "Rock solid and happier than I've ever seen you."
Romy shrugged. "He's everything I've ever wanted. It's scary good between us."
"Hence the crazy ass weekend you have planned." Stacie tilted her head to the side. "Where did you find this place anyway?"
Romy's lips curved. "I got an invite from the owners when I went to inspect the place for their ad layout. We'll be their first trial run."
Stacie leaned in close. "And the magic? Do you think they can really create everything you want?"
Romy nodded. "Oh yes. I really do."
Stacie shuddered. "God, I can't wait."
"Me either. How perfect, right? Halloween. Costumes, role playing, and an entire wing all to ourselves." Romy grabbed a notebook from the table. "So help me come up with the best and kinkiest ideas to make this weekend a mind blowing one for Heath."

Wish me luck! This ménage has been so much fun, which yeah, I say a lot. LOL Something about a house full of magic just adds to the glee. :D

That's it for this week.



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