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Sunday Snippet: Picture Perfect

April 7, 2013

Hello! A lovely day, gorgeous weather, spring temps, and I got to spend most of it outside. YAY!

Tonight's snippet is from Picture Perfect. Faeryn has an image of her picture perfect future, but she's really not certain it'll ever exist…because she's not quite clear if she actually exists. But she'll most definitely discover the answer as the story unfolds. :D

Here's the tagline:

Faeryn Carnes, a fire elemental, crossed through the Veil, leaving the mortal plane. But when she returned, an unheard of occurrence, Seth Jacobson, an air elemental, is the only person she can count on, which seems impossible because Faeryn believes air and fire can't mix.

And here's the preview snippet…

Faeryn Carnes had truly become lost.
The loud, sometimes constant litany in her head had been replaced by a deafening silence and the questions echoed in her mind creating chaos to replace a purpose that had once been clear.
Things didn't add up. Her return from the 'dead'—and she believed it now…after visiting the pyre—could not have been to lead the fae to a ravaged wasteland. It didn't make sense.
She had no idea who…or hell…maybe what she'd become. It terrified her to think her existence represented nothing more than a fulfillment of a vaguely worded prophecy. She had to have come back for more than that.
Her past gone…burnt to a cinder by a wandering flame. Her present shrouded in mystery…unexplainable, illogical, and uncertain. The future could be shaky at best. At worst, it wouldn't exist for her at all.
How could she think about a future when she didn't trust herself anymore? Were her memories her own? Could she count on the way she felt about anyone or anything? For all she knew, she'd come back as a totally different person.
Would she just wake up one morning and turn against those she loved? Or thought she loved? Maybe she wanted to hold onto something that didn't exist…or belonged to someone who no longer happened to be her.
Faeryn questioned all she thought she knew, and everything seemed more intense. She used to pull it out of the fire to walk a fine line between sane and crazy on a regular basis. At least she thought had…but the memory blurred now. Her balance gone, she didn't trust anything enough to ask for help.
But she needed answers and couldn't find them alone. Whenever she tried to picture the future…Seth's face solidified first in her mind. He'd seen her consumed by Fae Fire, yet he believed in her…no questions asked. Even now when everything got twisted sideways and upside down. Maybe the time had come to put her trust in him to help her discover what she needed to know…like where she would fit in the big picture and how she should carry on from here.
Maybe if they worked together and she let him in, she'd find the sense of peace she desperately sought…and the questions would answer themselves. One big hurdle held her back. If she went poking around, she might not like what revealed itself. If she posed any kind of threat to the Elementals, the smartest course of action would be to eliminate the danger. She craved Seth's help and steadying presence, but didn't know if he could do what might be necessary. Didn't know if she wanted to put him into the position by asking him to assist in finding out what happened and why. Then again, she couldn't trust anyone else. Taryn certainly wouldn't have the wherewithal to handle the deed. But she needed to find out if Seth had the stones to send her back across the Veil if she proved to be too much of a risk.

Hey, it's not too much to wonder about, right? Trying to figure out if the love of your life can send you away again. Faeryn's got some big issues to work through, don't you think?

And that's it for this week.



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