Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Kings of Chaos


My new favorite show, Orphan Black, only has one more episode before it goes on hiatus. Honestly, I'm sort of on pins and needles to see where it goes. I have no doubt a cliffhanger is in store and I'll be dying for the next season to begin. J

Tonight's post is from an urban fantasy short story, Kings of Chaos. I'm thinking it might become something of a series, but the sages are being very tight lipped at the moment. LOL

Here's the tagline:

Ainslee and Witt are stranded during a charity ride for their local children's orphanage. Foul play is involved and they have to determine which rival club has the most to gain or if someone closer to home is the culprit.

And the preview snippet…

"Geez, what the hell is their beef with us?" Ainslee kicked the tire of her downed motorcycle.
Witt shrugged and spit out a sunflower seed shell. "I'd lay odds Hot Dog's got something to do with it."
Ainslee snarled, "Son of a bitch. I'm gonna send that massive pain in the ass to hell when we get back."
Witt snorted. "It's just a theory, Ains. For all I know, the old man pissed someone off again."
Ainslee turned and flashed a grin. "Either way, I get to kick ass. That's win-win, right?"
Witt shot her a look. "If you say so." He crouched down and poked at the fire.
Ainslee paced. "I say so." Her boots trudged heavily on the dusty ground. "We're on a god damned charity ride. Rival shit is supposed to be checked at the start and it's truce time until the finish." She leveled her gaze on Witt. "Someone broke the code. They need to pay for that."
Witt kicked back and propped his shoulders on his saddlebags. "Didn't say otherwise."
Ainslee dropped down beside him. "No, but you're too damned calm about the whole deal."
Witt's lips turned up. "Maybe I don't mind being stuck out here with my woman for the night." He wrapped an arm around her. "No interruptions. No club business. No stupid shit to referee between Argathorn and Rytol."
Ainslee rolled her eyes. "Karrie needs to pick one already and stop leading both around by their dicks."
Witt countered. "Or say fuck it and choose both. Their damned rivalry gets in the way."
Ainslee nodded. "It's bad for the club. Their votes always cancel each other out." She angled around and straddled his lap, hip to groin. "Good thing I don't have to worry about you."
Witt lifted a brow. "You do plenty of leading by the dick, too. Don't think you don't."
Ainslee agreed, "Yeah, but when I do it, it always leads to really, really hot sex." She flicked her tongue against his ear. "And you love it."
Witt grabbed her ass, tugging her forward, grinding his erection into the apex of her thighs. "I damned well do."
Ainslee cursed the tight leather keeping them from being skin to skin. It would be so easy to lift her hips and slide over his hard length.
Leaning forward, she pressed feathery kisses along his jaw. "Your chaps have to be uncomfortable. Want me to do something about that?"
Witt caught her mouth in a hot lip lock and her brain went from zero to scorching. She didn't need any other answer, her hand working between them to pop the button and carefully ease his zipper down. Scooting backward, she reached up and grabbed the waistband, waiting for Witt to lift his ass so she could tug his pants down past his hips. His beautiful cock sprang free, thick and hard, and Ainlsee couldn't wait to wrap her mouth around the flared head to nibble and suck until Witt begged for mercy.

And yep. I'm gonna leave it there. LOL Needless to say, the temperature rises quite a bit and the fire has nothing to do with it. *wink*

That's it for this week.



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