Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Feeding the Fury


Happy Father's Day to all the great and wonderful dads out there. Including my own. J

It's fun to reflect on my relationship with my dad. We didn't always see eye to eye and had a few rocky years to get through—I even moved in with my Gram (his mom) at one point. I think it's why I love to write about troubled waters between dads and sons and/or daughters. In my case, I got lucky and my dad and I grew as individuals and found our common ground. My husband and his father never quite got to a place where they could embrace their differences and discuss them without rancor.

Tonight's post is from Feeding the Fury, a novella length story which doesn't really have a parental relationship, but it does feature a power hungry leader who controls her subjects with an iron will.

Here's the tagline:

Larue and Wade displease the Fury and she orders them to battle each other in the pyre. But the two top mages decide they won't kill each other for her pleasure, instead they'll invoke the Rite of Phoenix and if they survive, the Fury will have to abdicate her throne.

And here's the preview snippet…

"You know what she's doing, right?" Larue wrapped her wrists with flex tape.
Wade lifted a brow. "Sure, she's showing us what the Fury can do…whatever the hell she wants."
Larue scoffed. "Wade, Wade, Wade. It goes so much deeper than that. The bitch is running scared."
He snorted. "Of us? For bleeding sake, why?" He snagged the tape and started wrapping his ankles.
Larue sighed. "Because you rejected her and once word gets around she'll lose some cred." She shrugged. "When the hottest guy in the mage's court won't screw the Fury, something's gotta be wrong with her."
Wade's eyes widened. "Hottest guy? Looks have nothing to do with why she wants me."
Larue laughed. "Geez, Wade. You're so wrong. But fine, be modest." She reached inside her bag and drew out her robes. "Let's just chalk it up to you being the number one male in the mage pool. No one wields the power like you do."
Wade wound the flex tape around his left wrist. "Except you. And you're popular with the younger adepts. Pitting us against each other kills her problem in one big bang."
Larue nodded. "And now we're on the same page." She paused before donning her robes. "So…since I have no desire to play by her rules, how about we come up with a plan with a less deadly outcome?"
Wade's lips curved upward, but his eyes held no mirth. "I think I have the perfect solution."
His head bent forward and Larue leaned in to listen to the master mage's outlandish proposition.

Wade's plan is so much fun to write about and Larue loves his devious brain. J

That's it for this week.



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