Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Maybe This Seems Familiar


Had a very busy weekend with writing and editing, and also the day job. J I really need to get out and weed the garden, too, but yeesh, the time gets away from me.

Tonight's post is from Maybe This Seems Familiar, a novella with magic, mayhem, and a journey to find what's right in front of the main characters. J

Here's the tagline:

A tragic death sends Inyx Pic, an Adept Major, into a brittle shell of self-doubt. When Philo Batson, her Adept Master, pushes Inyx to get back to teaching, her armor of disillusionment cracks and anger and grief come pouring out, leaving Philo to handle the fallout.

And the preview snippet…

Philo growled. "Mage's teeth, Inyx. We've been here how many times?" He moved forward, invading her personal space. "Do we have to keep going over the same material?"
Inyx narrowed her eyes. "Well, then, maybe this will seem familiar. Step. Back." She jammed a finger in Philo's shoulder for emphasis.
Philo smirked. "I don't think so, Inyx. You don't get to make the call this time."
She lifted a brow. "Really? I already killed a promising student without even trying. Imagine what I could inflict if I set my mind to it."
Philo finally got it. "You failed an entire class of plebes because of one out of control malcontent? Inyx, you offer guidance. Not everyone is going to listen."
Her mouth thinned. "You think that's all there is? Because Marlax and I had issues from the beginning. I should've asked to have her transferred."
Philo cut in. "But you didn't. And her death, while tragic, is not your fault. Oh, but you'll take full responsibility and wallow in it because it suits your agenda."
Inyx hissed out a breath. "I don't have an agenda, Philo, except making sure no one in the new class gets harmed."
Philo gave a terse nod. "Right, by failing them. And you're motive behind the failure isn't to keep them all safe."
Inyx flicked her tongue over her bottom lip. "Is that right? What then, is my main objective?"
Philo spelled it out. "Isolation. You shove everyone away so you can't feel the pain. But you need it, Inyx. No one heals without a little discomfort."
She looked away and her shoulders slumped. The reaction caught him by surprise. He figured they'd go at least two more rounds before he could break through the wall of anger and grief she tried so desperately to hide behind.
She leaned forward, resting her head on his shoulder. "I hate you, Philo."
He wrapped her in an embrace. "I know you do, Inyx. But I'll deal."
A sob escaped from her, and he slid a hand up, cupping the nape of her neck, letting her expel the pent up emotion. Finally, she could let it out and start dealing with the loss.
And maybe they could get back on track.

Philo definitely has his work cut out. Inyx won't deal with everything overnight, but she won't have to do it alone. J

That's it for this week.



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