Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Mister Mysterious


Finally got a hot and steamy day after about a zillion days of rain. I finally remembered what it feels like to get that humid blast of heat when I go outside. LOL Can't say I missed that overly much. J

Tonight's post is from the novella Mister Mysterious. I'm actually not sure what genre this will fall under, but I'm working with the tentatively named Urban Noir. There's a little bit of mystery and magic at play and the main characters have a history that will haunt them a little in the story.

Here's the tagline:

Marlow Spence loses her sister to a sinister spellbinder who believes the siblings have the power to control dreams. When Tharn Oliver shows up on her doorstep, there can be only one reason—Leo Tolstoy is back and he wants Marlow.

And a preview snippet…

Thunder crashed and lightning flared when Marlow got up to answer the knock, not sure what to expect. The weird daily deliveries had her on edge. No card or note, but each gift had some kind of meaning to her.
Hand on the knob, she took a deep breath, bracing for anything.
Except Tharn Oliver.
"Shit." She huffed out a sigh and her shoulders slumped.
Tharn nodded. "Hello, Marlow."
Geez, he looked good. And with two words had her heart thumping in her chest and lust boiling in her veins. Down, girl. You're not happy to see him.
"Why are you here?" He couldn't possibly know about the random items she'd received.
He propped a shoulder on the door jamb. "Got word Tolstoy is alive." He waited a beat. "Through channels, not officially."
Okay. She'd visit the cryptic statement later. Her gut churned with the implication of what her presents now represented.
Tharn inclined his head. "Exactly." He straightened and took a step forward.
Marlow blocked his path. "Again, why are you here?" She wanted time to process the idea her sister's killer still lived. Tharn would not help.
He snorted. "You're not stupid. Let me in."
She shook her head. "Oh no. Uh uh. Been down that road and I'm not going back." She grabbed the door, ready to shut it in his face. "You wanna settle a score, find some other way. Do not suck me back in." Tolstoy could do that without Tharn's assistance.
Tharn's eyebrow rose. "And if he comes after you?"
She bit her tongue to keep from saying he already had. "Bang. I'm dead."
Tharn hissed out a harsh breath. "No. I won't let it happen."
Closing her eyes, Marlow resisted the urge to shout, choosing to speak quietly. "You weren't supposed to let it happen to my sister either. But guess what? It did." She blinked and met his gaze. "Because you and I…couldn't keep our hands off each other."

Leo is going to make life very interesting for Tharn and Marlow, and honestly? They kinda need the help. LOL

That's it for this week.



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