Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Place of Honor


Strike Back is BACK on my television!! And within two minutes of tuning in I wanted to throw stuff at the screen. That's a great show, folks!!

Tonight's post isn't really tied into the show with the exception that like Dalton, Wiley will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal, even if it means everything goes totally sideways. It makes writing Place of Honor so much fun. J

Here's the tagline:

A band of bounty hunters go after urban legends, bagging, tagging, and removing the threat from cities, towns, villages, and sprawling rural landscapes. Wiley Star has a score to settle and Hex Harrigan can't deny her quest for vengeance—but when Wiley lands on the wrong end of a double cross, it's up to Hex to track her whereabouts and save the day, which proves difficult because his personal feelings keep getting in the way.

And the preview snippet…

Wiley stopped inches from the door and cocked her head to the side, finally getting what had Hex in such a foul mood. He had grave concerns about her safety. Not just as a leader, but on a deeper, personal level. How did she miss when their flirtatious attraction turned to more?
Maybe because she spent too much time focusing on her need for vengeance.
And since the opportunity to even the score landed on her radar—so close she could almost touch it—the raging necessity scaled back to something less than all-consuming and she had the mental capacity to see beyond the thirst for blood and savagery.
She couldn't walk away from her chance to get back a little piece of herself, but she could leave Hex with more than a pissy attitude and dismissive wave.
Turning, she faced him. "Look, I won't be gone that long." Not if everything went to plan. "And I have to come back. No one else can have my place of honor as the biggest pain in your ass."
Hex's lips quirked. "I'll hold the spot open." He paused then added. "And look forward to having you back."
He rose and moved to stand in front of her. "Good hunting, Wiley. I really do hope you find what you're looking for."
His jaw clenched, but sincerity filled his gaze.
The sentiment cost him, but she appreciated the gesture. She grabbed his arms and hauled him forward. "Thank you." The hug lasted a little too long, but she didn't care. They could joke and pretend everything would be fine, but she might not make it back. Leaving on good terms mattered—because Hex mattered.
On impulse, she lifted her chin, brushing her lips along his jaw before meeting his mouth in a kiss. She kept it brief, but hoped the promise shone through.
If she laid this particular ghost to rest, they had a shot for something great. Easing away, she took a step back and his hand came up to cup her face. He didn't speak, his thumb trailing over her bottom lip before he nodded, quick and terse. He got the message.
Wiley grinned and made her way to the door, lighter and less tense than when she entered.
Hex might hate letting her go, but he wouldn't keep her. Giving her some freedom to move guaranteed she'd do damned near anything to make it back.
Because she wanted to find out if they could set the world on fire.
Wiley and Hex might just do exactly that, if the sages are kind and keep feeding me the words. J

That's it for this week.



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