Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Broken Arrow


Gah! What a week in television. Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D got interesting, Sons of Anarchy kicked several plots up a notch, Arrow continues to WOW me, Haven had a kick ass episode and Walking Dead still amazes and creeps me out all at the same time. J I already miss Strike Back, but hopefully a new season will be announced, if it hasn't been already.

Shifting gears, tonight's post is from Broken Arrow, a novella where Cailin has to figure out where she belongs and how to get there.

Here's the tagline:

Cailin Berg is a broken arrow, a mage suffering from a crippling experience who can no longer use their skills, and she wants to find a way back to her practice. Phelps Morlach can't give her any answers, but he will offer whatever assistance he can provide… especially since he holds some of the responsibility for Cailin's predicament.

And a preview snippet…

Farsi turned, picked up a bowl filled with sand, and placed it on the table. "You need a compass, my dear." The oracle drew a circle in the grains and added directional markers. "Someone to guide your aim so it stays true."
Cailin frowned. "Someone?" Could the spiritual guru make less sense?
Farsi nodded. "Yes. A person."
"Could you be less informative?" Cailin huffed out a frustrated breath. "I'm supposed to do what, exactly? Follow some guy, or hell, some girl around then?"
Farsi smiled, an indulgent curving of her lips, and the gesture pissed Cailin off.
Her hand slammed down. "Don't screw with me, old woman. I'm not in the mood." She slouched down in her chair and crossed her arms in front of her.
Farsi quirked an eyebrow. "I can see you're also not in the frame of mind to see what's in front of you or listen with your heart instead of your ears." She smoothed the sand into a flat surface. "The noise in your head is loud and it drowns everything else out. Sometimes what you need to hear is only but a whisper."
Cailin rolled her eyes. "Whatever that means. I don't have the time or patience for riddles. Either help me or shut up."
Farsi pursed her lips. "Hear my words, Cailin Berg. You have one constant in your life. Find it and you'll find the answers and peace you seek." She lifted the bowl and placed it on the shelf again.
Cailin is fun to write, her impatience often mirrors mine. LOL

That's it for this week.



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