Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Snippet: X + Y

October 13, 2013


So…. Walking Dead is back!! Arrow premiered!! The Tomorrow People is pretty awesome. Strike Back is one episode away from the finale and ripped my heart out Friday. And Sons of Anarchy is batshit crazy, which I totally love.

TV is good right now, people. So very good. Oddly, when I've got great stuff to engage my mind, I tend to write more prolifically. This is not a bad thing. LOL

Tonight's post is from a fun novella, X + Y, and features two warring clans who have special abilities. Wolf and Vail definitely have their work cut out if they want to be together… which neither is sure about, by the way. :D

Here's the tagline:

Vail Gault and Wolf Vermassey have a wicked, powerful attraction for each other. Too bad their clans are brutal rivals in the underground world of meta-human politics. Pitted against each other, they can never be more than opponents in a cage match who happen to have sex that makes their sparring matches look like cake walks.

And the preview snippet…

Wolf answered the loud, pounding knock.
Vail shoved her way into his house. "You don’t get to walk away. Not yet."
Wolf closed the door and turned, giving her a considering look. She had a wild and frenzied air to her charged words. Wolf fought the pull and willed his dick not to respond. The electric current, static-filled and burning hot, of her ability drew him like a magnet. But he had to step back—way back—or risk being found out.
He cocked his head. "I already have, Vail. I’m done." He strode to the bar and poured a healthy amount of vodka in a glass. "I've had the cred for a long time. I fought because I needed the outlet."
She made a low growling sound. "And what'll take the place of the adrenaline rush a cage match provides?"
He shrugged. "Nothing. But it's time. Has been for far too long."
Vail pushed for an answer. "So what? Are you getting pressure from family? Demands?"
He lifted a shoulder. Let her think what she wanted.
Vail sputtered. "Since when do you cave in to the whims of the crazy relatives?" She paced back and forth, frustration rolling off her in waves.
Wolf tossed back the contents of his tumbler. "I don't. But I've got good cause to move up."
She scoffed. "What the fuck would that be?"
Wolf opted for the truth. "I won't be used to settle familial scores." Once the other jackasses discovered his weakness for her, it would only be a matter of time before they all tried to take him down.
Or eliminate him entirely.
Vail stopped short and whipped her hear around. Her eyes narrowed and she held his gaze for several long moments.
She finally got it.
Her eyes slid closed. "By using me, right?" Her shoulders slumped and she dropped down onto the wingback chair by the fire.
Wolf nodded. "She gets it in one." He poured more vodka and  handed the glass to Vail.
She gulped the alcohol down in two swallows. "Fuck."
Wolf's head bobbed. "Exactly."
It's a good thing Vail is a quick thinker. She's got just the solution to their dilemma. And it blows Wolf's mind. :D

That's it for this week.



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