Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Snippet: A Magical Affair


Whew! I'm relieved to say my favorite characters are still intact on Strike Back and Sons of Anarchy. And I got to see more of Stonebridge than I have in a while. :D

Arrow returns Wednesday and I'm dying to have it back on my TV. The behind the scene teases and brief clips are only serving to whet my appetite. Come on, Wednesday!!

Enough about television. It's time to share some good news!! The release date for A Magical Affair is October 26. Silver Publishing's special call for Magic and Mayhem is available for pre-order now.

Here's the tagline:

Welcome to Magic Meadows, the place where fantasies are fulfilled in vivid detail by an ancient wellspring of magic.

And another preview snippet…

Heath knocked on the heavy oak, arched door, then stepped back to wait. His eyes drank in the sight of sedate luxury. On the drive up, his breath caught in his throat at the sheer size of the place—a huge four-story center section, with three-story wings on each side. He'd bet his last dollar there'd be a courtyard or gardens with some kind of stables or guest house finishing off the square. Or maybe the gardens would open up to a rolling landscape with outbuildings tucked back into the dense forest behind the mansion.
His anticipation kicked up a notch when the handle clicked and the door swung inward, revealing a tall, thin man with inky, black hair.
"Welcome to Magic Meadows." He ushered Heath inside.
Romy stood at the bottom of a grand-looking staircase, and her best friend Stacie hovered on a step behind her.
Heath grinned. He had no idea Stacie had returned from her trip to Japan.
Romy moved forward and wrapped her arm around his waist. "Heath, this is Jarvin, the owner of all this." Her free arm swept outward.
Heath stuck his hand out. "Jarvin. Nice to meet you." He gazed in Romy's direction. "What's up your sleeve?"
She chuckled. "Funny you should ask that." She angled around, grasping his hips. "Jarvin and his partner, Vivica, are launching a new kind of retreat, here, at Magic Meadows." She held out a hand, and Stacie came forward. "They invited us to be their first clients. A trial run for them to work out the… uh… more interesting aspects of their specialty, before officially opening their doors."
Heat radiated off the women, and Heath had a solid idea of what Romy had in mind. His pants grew almost uncomfortably tight around his rapidly hardening length. His curiosity kicked into high gear, too. Romy hadn't revealed everything yet.
He turned his gaze toward Jarvin, sizing the man up. Absolutely not Romy's type, a little too thin and long-faced, but he wanted to get the guy's measure, maybe figure out what the 'more interesting aspects' could be.
Jarvin's lips curved in a knowing smile. "Heath, your lovely Romy has some very specific things planned for your stay here. The Meadows is a remarkable place, sitting atop an ancient wellspring of magic." He paused when Heath narrowed his eyes. "I don't blame you for being skeptical, but please displace your doubt." Jarvin turned and held out his hand. "Vivica, darling, let's show Heath what we can do."
A stunning blonde with an hourglass figure and a hot red dress came into view on the second floor. She smiled and started a slow walk from the end of the corridor leading toward the stairs. Before his eyes, she morphed from curvy to lean and leggy, wearing fuck-me heels and a sheer white negligee. Heath blinked, and when he looked again, her hair had changed to a shimmery black. Two steps later, she sported a short, cropped cut, dangly jewelry, and wore hiking boots with cutoff denim shorts and a halter in an ethnic print. When she reached the top of the stairs, Heath sucked in a breath. The walls and steps faded, replaced by a fire escape on the exterior of a brownstone building. She kicked the release and started a descent down the metal rungs. Halfway down, the scene changed again, the stone altered to an ornate, gilded interior with lush, carpeted steps, and Vivica now had an elaborate up-do in a shade of chestnut that complemented the emerald green sheath and matching shoes she wore. She reached the bottom and made her way toward Heath, grasping his hand in greeting.
Heath shot a sideways glance toward Jarvin. "Okay, very impressive. I won't even bother asking how, because frankly, I don't care. It's enough to know it's possible." He turned toward Romy and noticed the room had gone back to its original decor. "You never cease to amaze, Rom. One of the many reasons I love you."
She flashed a wide smile. "Thought you'd get on board." She nodded toward Stacie. "And, as expected, Stace is happy to participate." She hooked an arm around her friend's shoulders.
Heath observed Stacie, noting the differences between the women. Stacie had been Romy's roommate in college, and Romy confessed they sometimes literally shared a bed. He could care less. In fact, he got hard just thinking about Stacie's curves tangling with Romy's long and leggy frame.
He leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers. "Glad you're back… and here. Romy has great taste in friends."
Stacie gave him a flirty smile. "And in men. I can't wait to get started."
I'm so excited about the release! Please enjoy!

That's it for this week.



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