Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Broken Down and Maxed Out


YAY! Strike Back got a renewal even though it'll be the last season. I can live with one more ten episode run with Stonebridge and Scott. I'm torn between wanting to see them go out with a bang—Butch and Sundance style—and hoping like hell my two heroes find a way to be happy and live long lives. :D

And Arrow… holy crap. I can't even form coherent thoughts about last week's episode yet. Without getting too spoileriffic, I'm usually not keen on recasting a primary character, even if they've had almost zero screen time, but I'm definitely reserving judgment on this one. Mainly because I can't wait to see where they take the character and how they tie her into the DC 'verse. *rubs hands together gleefully*

Haven keeps impressing me and doesn't always do what I expect. If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE shows that keep me guessing. J

Anyway, time for the actual post. Tonight's snippet is from Broken Down and Maxed Out. The manuscript is in the beginning stages, but the sages are throwing out some great stuff. J

Here's the tagline:

When Dallas Kirk and Rafe Quinoza, two top agents in the Ministry of Magic, are broken down and maxed out they turn to each other to regroup and recharge. But when they reach their saturation point at the same time, they struggle to keep their connection strong which is difficult when they blame themselves for a mission gone wrong.

And the preview snippet…

Dallas trudged up the steps to the apartment, weary, worn out, and dying for her bed. But not before she took the longest shower known to man or mage. Her hand drifted to her hair, fingers brushing lightly over the strands. Yep. Still had traces of sage ash and singed ends. She'd probably have to cut several inches off to undo the damage.
Sliding her key in the lock, she shoved the door open and dropped her bag on the floor. The loud clunk echoed in the empty space and the darkness swallowed her, dragging her mood down even further. She shrugged out of her trench coat, the tricks of her trade clanging together when she tossed the jacket over the back of the loveseat. Making a mental note to restock her metal cuffs—and make certain they had sufficient wards in place—she turned toward the bathroom and headed in that direction. She didn't bother flipping the lights on, she didn't need them to find her way.
Dallas turned on the shower, stripped, and finally turned some ambient illumination on by setting the dimmer switch to the lowest notch. She had no desire to see the welts and bruises on her body. And there'd be a shit ton after the beating she'd taken.
Stepping into the shower stall, she let the pounding spray work out the kinks and cramps. Pressing her face against the tiled wall, she blew out a harsh breath. Good cripes, she needed a respite—a nice long break from the batshit crazy ministry business and every damn thing going wrong.
Right. As if.
Lost in the miserable knowledge a vacation wouldn't be on the books any time soon, she jumped when the shower door flew open and braced for a fight. She relaxed when she caught sight of her would be assailant, Rafe.
His gaze swept over her, taking in every minute detail. "Fuck me, Dallas. What the flaming hell happened to you?" He yanked his shirt off and started on his jeans.
Dallas didn't answer, her throat still raw from the earlier fracas, and now choked with emotion. The sight of Rafe, her balm in the shit storm of life, soothed her soul more than any magically enhanced salve. Rafe kicked off his pants and glanced up, got a good look at her face, and ducked inside the steaming mist.
His hands cupped her head, carefully avoiding the abrasions along her jaw. "I'm here, Dal. You can let go now." He drew her forward, wrapping his arms around her. "Use me to get it out."
Her carefully constructed calm shattered and she threw her head back, the scream no less blood-curdling even with her damaged vocal chords. The dam burst and Rafe held her until she'd spent the last of her rage. She grabbed hold of his ass, her fingers digging into the flesh, dragging him closer, and angling her head to nip at his neck.
His breath hissed out when she made contact but his semi-hard erection swelled to its full length. He'd take the edge off her frayed psyche and recharge her to face another day.
She reached behind him and shut the water off. "Hard and fast, Rafe. Now." Her raspy voice made his eyes narrow.
But he heard the plea. His mouth crushed hers and she welcomed the sweep of his tongue against her lips. His hands skimmed her sides then he lifted her, pressing on her ass, urging her to wrap her legs around his torso. Nudging the door open, he exited the shower and carried her, dripping wet, across the floor and into their bedroom.
Sitting on the edge of the mattress, he raised her a little and entered her with a smooth thrust. Dallas moaned, breaking the kiss and bucked against his hips, building some friction.
She tumbled sideways, hauling Rafe atop her. "More, Rafe. I need more." She wrapped her legs around him, drawing him back inside.
He palmed her breasts, his eyes raking over her, taking in each and every injury. "I'll give you everything, Dal. Hang on." He drove into her, pumping his hips back and forth.
His mouth worked magic along her jawline, healing her abrasions. His hard cock pounded her, their magical connection building energy, arcing between them to patch up everything else. She took as much as she dared then gave herself over to the emotional bond, letting the disappointment and disillusionment ebb away. Rafe changed the pace, easing into a sensual rhythm. Dallas got lost in his golden gaze and sank into euphoria. The slid of his skin, the rapid beat of his heart, and the warmth of being joined swallowed her senses and spun her world sideways. She loved Rafe to distraction—right or wrong—and no one could take the feeling away.
Given the botched mission, the ministry could try to separate her and Rafe, but she'd fight tooth and nail if they made the attempt.
Rafe leaned down, his breath hot against her ear. "Stop thinking, Dal." He flicked his tongue over her lobe. "Just feel. Me. You. What we have. Feel." His mouth met hers in a hot kiss.
He flexed his hips, bumping hard against her clit and she broke, coming hard, the release washing over her until her toes tingled. Rafe followed quickly behind, thrusting deep and emptying himself. He collapsed sideways and hauled her close, tucking her head against his shoulder.
He brushed her hair back with his fingers. "Sleep, Dal." He pressed his lips to her forehead. "I'm not going anywhere."
She snuggled into his embrace and let her eyes drift closed. Rafe would keep watch and she could shut her brain down and finally rest.
Whew. Dallas has a lot on her mind, but some quality time with Rafe never hurts. :D

That's it for this week.



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