Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Events in Motion

November 24, 2013


Another great TV week. The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who truly made my entire week. Sooooo nice to watch a show I love on BBC America and not get stuck with ninety-seven episodes of some Gordon Ramsay show and/or Top Gear. Don't get me wrong, both shows are okay, I'm just really tired of how often they're on during the day. The BBC has a HUGE library and I used to love watching all the various offerings before the network got overrun with a chef and three car enthusiasts. *sigh*

Anyway, Arrow delivered and provided several off the charts levels of awesome. Seriously, I live for Wednesdays. Let's see, Sons of Anarchy brought some good stuff to the table. Sometimes I think if certain people would shut up and other certain folks would sit down and have an actual conversation, things might go a whole lot easier. I may have a nice, long post on my TV blog—which rarely gets used—once the season is over.

I could go on but since it seems like next week is hiatus for the Turkey Day holiday, I'll save some reactions for that post.

Tonight's snippet is from Events in Motion, a fantasy based erotic novella centered on fulfilling a destiny.

Here's the tagline:

Fate has a plan for Drury, one she's not all that certain she wants to follow. Porter doesn't believe in destiny, but when Drury sets a chain of events in motion, he has to change his perspective or risk losing her to chance.

And a preview snippet…

Porter let go of her hand and wandered to the far side of the temple. The offerings were plenty and the opulence of the sanctum took Drury's breath away. She strolled around the sacred area, her gaze scanning treasures and tithes. A grotto encasing a likeness of the goddess drew her attention and she crossed the center of the space, almost by compulsion. She slowed her gait, gripped by hesitation. The marble statue had detailed carvings, with intricately twisted latticework.
Compelled, Drury inched closer and closer to the idol. She felt the sound more than heard it—a faint, vague whisper. She closed her eyes, fighting a wave of fear. Hadn't she rid herself of the steady static in her head?
Her fingers brushed over the scrolled filigree on the temple goddess and the marble pillar hummed with vibration. Porter approached but said nothing. Drury placed her palm directly on the totem and the walls shook, knocking Drury off kilter.
Porter steadied her. "If it's important, you better grab it now." His gaze flicked around the room. "The place isn't stable. We'll have to come back later, Dru."
Drury lifted her hand and the trembling stilled. "It's me, Port." She slowly glanced sideways, meeting his gaze. "The place is reacting to me."
Porter's grip tightened. "Are you sure, Dru?" He kept his tone cautious.
She pressed her hand against the cool surface again and it warmed, the rumbling resumed and the floor cracked beneath their feet.
Jerking away, Dru collapsed, but Porter broke her fall, wrapping her in his embrace before sweeping an arm under her legs. He lifted her with ease and ducked falling objects, making a steady retreat towards the exit.
Images, clear and vivid, filled her mind, brief flashes of clarity that took her breath away. She gripped Porter's shoulder after he exited the temple, her fingers digging into his flesh. She wanted to find out more… had to.
He set her on her feet and cocked an eyebrow. "Are you okay?"
She nodded and gulped in several deep breaths. "I'm fine. And I know what I need to do."
Porter shook his head. "I'm not going to like it, am I?"
Her lips quirked. "Probably not. I have to go back in." She turned towards the entrance.
Porter reached out, halting her progress. "Uh uh. No way, Dru. That place is gonna collapse if you step foot back inside."
Her shoulders squared. "Maybe, but I'm doing it anyway." She shot a glance his way. "I have to find answers, Port. The temple is my best bet." She prayed he understood.
His lips thinned to a stern line. "You can't get anything if you're dead." He grabbed her arm, turning her towards him. "Wait one damned minute and think, Dru. Think about why the whole flaming building started falling apart." His tone softened. "If you figure that part out, you might be able to find what you need without burying us in the process."
Drury snorted. "Maybe I pissed the goddess off. Or my supposed cosmic connection to the universe is on the crapper." His final words hit her. "Wait, us?" She backed up a little. "No way, Port. I'm not asking you to go back in there with me."
He stepped forward, invading her personal space. "You don't have to. I'm volunteering." His hand cupped her face. "Dru, you're still shaking with reaction. You're terror can't be helping. If you're so in tune with the place, it probably feeds off your fear."
Son of bitch. Why hadn't she considered the possibility? Because her natural instinct to fight always kicked in at the worst possible moment.
Her shoulders slumped. "Dammit, you're right, Port." Her gaze met his. "I need to know everything, but I'm reluctant to accept my role, whatever the hell it is."
Porter wrapped his arms around her, hauling her close. "I know, Dru, and I'm not a great believer in mapped destinies, but if nothing else, I'm along for the ride." He eased away, his hands moving forward to tilt her chin upward. "I've got your back. You won't face anything alone." His head lowered and his mouth met hers.
She found solace in the kiss, and strength. Porter provided calm in the swirling storm she called her life. His quiet skepticism kept her tethered when she feared spinning out of control would become the norm.
Easing away, she broke the embrace, resting her forehead on his chin. Inhaling deeply, she pushed everything but Porter and the need for answers out of her mind then stepped back, holding her hand out.
Porter laced their fingers together and squeezed her palm.
He nodded towards the temple. "Let's go."
Ahhh. I love a good man who offers backup without getting too bossy about it. :D

That's it for this week.



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