Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Hot Target


Imagine my embarrassment when I realized the Arrow midseason finale actually happened this past Wednesday instead of last week? LOL Oh well, one great thing came out of it…I got a new ep of Arrow and it was AWESOME!! And if the CW doesn't make Flash (or whatever they end up calling it) a series in the very near future, I'm gonna wonder where their brains are. LOL

Shifting gears (pun intended), Sons of Anarchy completely messed with my head. As mentioned, Kurt Sutter rarely goes where I think he will, and he had me going right until the last act of the episode. I pretty much stood up and yelled at the TV, then prayed for someone else's death… which didn't happen, dammit. But in retrospect, I'm actually sort of glad. I now know exactly how I want the final scene of SOA to play out… and if I don't get it, well, Sutter certainly won't give a hang, but I'll be sorely disappointed. I'm at a place with the show where retribution HAS to happen or I'll pretty much feel like it wasn't work seven years of my life. :D

Okay, enough about television this week, more to come about Sleepy Hollow and other shows soon. Tonight's post is from Hot Target, a novella with a wicked mesmer mage wreaking havoc on the hero and heroine.

Here's the tagline:

Yates and Baylor work undercover for the fae council. They make a great team, but rarely see eye to eye. When their magical brethren start dropping like flies, one of them must become a hot target. Yates decides he'll do it… Baylor's a better shot.

And a preview snippet…

"Look, Bay, I'm the logical choice." Yates rolled over and propped his head on his hand.
Baylor shook her head. "No deal, Yates. This mesmer mage has it out for me. I should be the target." She faced him, frustrated he wouldn't see her point. "Hell, I am the target. Why not make myself available and draw him out?"
Yates gave her a grim smile. "Because he doesn't want you yet." He draped his free arm over her waist. "Think about it. He killed two of your closest friends. If I put myself in his line of sight, he won't be able to resist coming after me."
Baylor closed her eyes and counted to five, resisting the urge to shout and yell. Yates very effectively countered her biggest argument. She could dance naked on Wiley's bed and he'd probably laugh instead of trying to kill her. But he had the arrogance to make an attempt to hurt her where she'd feel it the most. By taking out the one guy who actually got her.
"Because it'll hit me where I live if he gets to you." Her eyes narrowed. "But he won't succeed."
Yates leaned in, brushing his lips over hers. "No, he won't. We bait the trap and keep the op team small—maybe Snipe and Richcreek—then bag the bastard."
Baylor nudged Yates backwards then angled around, lifting her leg up and over his torso to straddle his hips. "And put an end to the carnage once and for all." She scooched down a little, wiggling her butt, a wide smile crossing her face when Yates responded by getting hard.
He grasped her thighs. "Bay, you might just be the death of me." His hands skimmed up her sides then over the cup her breasts.
She rose up and sank down over his length. "Maybe, but better me than Wiley Ledbetter."

Nothing like great sex before heading out to plan mayhem, right?

That's it for this week.



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