Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Ill-Timed Case - A Van Adder Investigations Short

December 29, 2013

I hope everyone survived the holiday!

My family had a wonderful day—no traveling, just staying home all nice and cozy with our new tech gear and good food. I watched more holiday television episodes and said good-bye to Matt Smith's Doctor. I'm still not quite settled in with the idea of the new actor, but I'll give him a chance.

Looking forward to my fave shows returning. Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Walking Dead, Sherlock, and probably a few I’m forgetting at the moment. Currently watching a Farscape marathon on Pivot then switching over to some recorded stuff I haven't watched yet.

Tonight's post is from the novella, Ill-Timed Case, a Van Adder Investigations Short. If this turns out the way I hope, I may have a little series with my main characters. J

Here's the tagline:

Rex Van Adder, private investigator, has more cases than he can handle. Enter Gracie Lee, a dead body, and Rex scrambles to keep his head above water, especially since he knows Gracie is involved but can't figure out how.

And a preview snippet…

Rex Van Adder climbed out of his automobile and clamped his fedora securely on his head. The rain changed angle every ten seconds, wind gusts making his trench coat billow out then slap back against his legs. He trudged forward, giving a nod to the beat cop standing vigil by the yellow tape, trying to keep the growing crowd back from the crime scene.
Ducking under the flimsy barricade, Rex continued forward until he reached the side of the detective in charge. "Marlow. Care to tell me why you dragged me out on a shit night like this?"
Avery Marlow held up a white card. "Found this on our victim." He flipped the card over, the drenching downpour making the rectangle soggy, but Van Adder Investigations remained legible. "Any idea who this guy is and why someone wanted him dead?"
Rex slid his gaze sideways, gauging Marlow's mood. He had a tolerable acquaintanceship with the detective and worked with him when a situation warranted the need. Rex doubted they'd ever be true friends—Avery's former fiancé landed in the middle of a messy sting operation Rex had running and got herself shot up trying to defend the ringleader—her piece on the side. Marlow walked away with egg on his face and blamed Rex.
"Van Adder? On a shit night like this, I've got better things to do than stand around and wait on you to answer a simple question."
Rex snorted. "Dougray McGuiness. And his list of enemies would have to be short."
Marlow quirked a brow. "Why?"
The rain let up and slowed to a gentle drizzle. Still wet and soggy, but no longer punishing.
Rex considered how much to reveal. "Just got here. As in yesterday. Very hush hush." He opted for the full truth. "He wanted to broker a sale of a valuable gem and called on me to talk security until the exchange could be arranged."
Avery cocked his head. "How does that make a short list?"
Rex answered. "Only two people were supposed to know he'd arrived."
Avery pursed his lips. "And you, right?"
Rex quirked a half-smile. "And me."
Movement caught his eye. A beautiful brunette exited the rear entrance of the speakeasy and blithely strode down the alley like she owned the street. She didn't spare a glance for the crime scene or try to rubberneck like rest of the growing crowd. A red flag pinged for Rex—she had to be one of the two who knew McGuiness had arrived. She would bear watching. Rex started to move, to follow or find out which direction the woman would head for, but Avery pulled his attention away from the female.
"You're not planning to leave the city any time soon, are you, Van Adder?"
Rex slid his gaze sideways. "No, Marlow. I've got cases in play." He craned his neck, trying to catch a glimpse of the woman. "Vacations are overrated."
Marlow nodded and looked up. "Why leave the glorious gloom of the city, right?" He pinned Rex with his gaze. "Goes without saying if you hear anything…"
Rex waved an acknowledgment. "Yeah, yeah. You'll be my first call." He headed down the alley, hoping he hadn't lost a potential lead.
Ducking around the corner, he glanced both ways and found nothing but an empty stretch of street in either direction.
"Dammit." Rex squinted through the patchy rain. "Where the hell did you go, beautiful?"

Gracie leads Rex on a merry chase and when he finally catches up with her sparks will fly. Of course. LOL

That's it for this week.



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