Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Kill Switch

January 26, 2014


Okay, gotta say it. I totally didn't see the finale for Sleepy Hollow coming at all. I had a working theory that the sheriff would somehow be a descendant of Crane's. The sin eater? Not so much. Good crap, I love this show.

Let's see, what else? Arrow rocked it, per usual. I've seen a number of 'meh, this felt like a season one episode' on twitter and tumblr, and that's cool, but I like the episodes that slow down a little and focus on, or spotlight, specific characters. I completely see how others can consider it a hot mess of an episode, but I almost always find something interesting that comes into play later or a seemingly insignificant moment that ends up being big later. So yeah, I kinda love what I've come to call 'groundwork' episodes. J Arrow writers… you just keep doing what you're doing.

Banshee still has me looking forward to Friday nights. Lost Girl is changing up the game with everyone and I kinda love it. I also gave Bitten a whirl and well, I'm in. Didn't know if I would like the premise, but oddly found myself thinking about the episodes at random points during the day. Always a sign I'm hooked. J

That's it in television news. Writing has been good this week. Maybe it's the weather, with six to nine inches of snow, the sweeping, shoveling, and blowing gives me time to ponder storylines. LOL Tonight's post is from Kill Switch, a novella where my main characters might get their second chance, if they're brave enough to give it a shot.

Here's the tagline:

Karsen Hill and Theo Gordon live in a modern world full of magic and mayhem. Torn apart by their circumstances, they still share a powerful attraction and it will take a kill switch to keep their feelings at bay. When a bar of the same name opens, the duo can't resist meeting to explore their options.

And a preview snippet…

Theo Gordon sat at the bar, nursing a scotch, letting his thoughts drift. The conversation with his father could be sorted out later. He needed to let his old man's revelations and advice settle a little before attempting to ponder them head on.
The door burst open and Theo's gut kicked into overdrive. He didn't have to turn around to know who'd entered.
Karsen Hill.
His built-in radar honed in regardless of whether she hit his line of sight. He downed the contents of his glass and tapped the bar for a refill. He'd arm up, just in case.
Sure enough, she breezed through the establishment in a straight line, coming directly to the bar. Her coat, no doubt filled with the tricks of her trade, landed on the coatrack and her ass parked it on the stool next to his.
She caught the bartender's attention. "The usual." She lifted her finger. "No, make it a double. Times two."
Mort nodded and poured her usual, vodka, straight up.
Theo leaned in. "Why don't you—"
Karsen held up a hand. "Do not speak." She downed the first glass. "Until I've finished this." She picked up the second and tossed it back.
Theo narrowed his eyes. She had a frazzled appearance. Her hair, normally straight as a pin, had snags and snarls and her hands were bruised and battered. The slightest tremor of her fingers when she turned the tumbler upside down sent his senses on full alert.
She heaved a sigh and slid her gaze toward him. "Why don't I what?" She angled around, facing him. "Find somewhere else to be? Not tonight, Theo. You can go screw yourself if you think I'm leaving this stool before last call." She flagged Mort down. "Just give me the whole bottle, will you?"
Theo's eyes widened. "Rough night?" Obvious question, but she needed a place to focus the rage rolling off her in waves.
She made a garbled choking sound. "It's been a rough month. Where the hell have you been?" She snapped her fingers. "Wait, never mind. You've been ensconced in the manse with your intended." Her shoulder lifted and she swiveled away to face the bar. "Of course you have no idea."
Theo bristled. "Actually, I do. Just didn't realize you were taking on every bounty all by your lonesome." He pushed back. "What happened to Wonder Boy? You finally cut him lose?" He scanned the room, looking for her handler, and he used the term loosely, Seamus O'Toole.
The guy rarely missed an opportunity to relive his glory days on Karsen's coattails.
Karsen flicked her glance in his direction. "Set a wedding date yet? Don't forget to leave me off the guest list."
Theo snorted. "No worries there. My mother is handling the invitations."
He wouldn't mention he might have found an out for his impending nuptials. Why dredge up hope? He and Karsen had been down the road before, more than once, and it had blown up in their faces—every damn time.
He signaled Mort for another scotch. "The date's been postponed. Grandpere is failing. He asked Mother to let him pass in peace."
Karsen's shoulders slumped forward. "Shit. I'm sorry." She angled her head and met his gaze. "I know how much he means to you."
Theo lifted his drink. "Yeah, well. Nobody lives forever." He raised the tumbler in a silent toast. "And he's had a good run."
Karsen poured another shot and clinked her glass against his. "Beimid ag ol."
Let's be drinking. Theo shook his head. Why the hell not?
He tossed the alcohol back. "Cheers."
Karsen waved the bartender over. "Give him the bottle, Mortie. We're gonna head upstairs."
Mort's bushy eyebrows raised, but he didn't say a word. He snagged the scotch and set it on the counter. Karsen gathered the bottles and her glass then slid off the stool.
Theo stayed put, weighing the consequences of following her. Karsen yanked her coat from the rack and headed for the back stairs.
She turned in his direction. "You got someplace to be?" Her eyes narrowed. "Or somebody you gotta call?"
She didn't add 'to ask permission', but the words echoed in his head.
Her challenging tone sealed the deal. Fuck the consequences.
He rose, his feet hitting the floor with a thud. "Nope. Let's go."
He left his tumbler behind. He'd have to face down memories from ten years ago when he followed her up the steps.
He'd be drinking straight from the bottle.
A man after my own heart, drinking directly from the bottle. J

That's it for this week.



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