Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Mendacium


Okay, no Arrow episode this week and I missed my favorite show. L But, we did have new Walking Dead and Bitten, which made me super happy. I love reading the speculation about Daryl and whether he'll fall in with those rogue survivors or play nice until he can track down Beth. I'm rather hoping for the latter. It would make a nice bookend to the episode where he more or less sent his past life up in flames.

Bitten's episode for this week has me full of anticipation. I cannot wait to see Elena's worlds collide. J Orphan Black is gearing up for next month and I'm following their instagram page with an obsession. My twitter feed is rife with speculation… to the point I'm pondering a blog post with my wish list for the season. I'll just add that to my ever growing pile of stuff that needs attention. J

Tonight's post is from Mendacium, an urban fantasy that puts my main characters at cross-purposes even though they kind of work for the same side.

Here's the tagline:

Kelby Svet and Reave Systevich work for Mendacium, a covert organization that monitors magical ability among the human population. When powers go out of control or get abused, Kelby and Reave deal with the fallout—until a betrayal puts them on different sides.

And a preview snippet…

Kelby slid a thigh between Reave's legs and burrowed closer to his side, placing her hand on his chest. She rather liked basking in the afterglow of sex. Something of a rarity for her—she usually squashed any kind of hope for more. But Reave lived the life. He got the notion they could have a moment, take a while and breathe, then go back to their job at hand.
Reave wrapped an arm around her shoulders and hauled her closer. "Kel, let's wrap this case and cut out. Find somewhere quiet away from the politics and constant policing and enjoy life."
Okay, so much for Reave getting a concept. If he'd slapped her, she'd be less stunned.
Kelby took a moment before trying to answer. She wanted to see if she could get her head around the thought of leaving Mendacium. Reave made walking away sound simple, but reality wouldn't come close. They'd have to fight their way off the grid.
Might be worth the hassle to wake up with him every day.
She curled her hand into a fist and propped her chin on it. "Are you serious?"
He met her gaze. "Yeah. We've got ten years in, Kel. Haven't we done enough to help the cause?" He sighed. "I know it's not gonna be easy, but seriously, there's gotta be some kind of life out there, right? Haven't we earned the chance to find out?"
She pondered his words. "Maybe. But we've also pissed off a lot of outsiders. Do you really want to constantly look over your shoulder? Because that's what we'd have to do without the mantle of protection Mendacium offers."
He frowned. "You have a point." He angled over onto his side, letting her head rest on his bicep. "It's just a thought. At least consider it, yeah?" He leaned in for a quick, hard kiss.
Kelby nodded. "Yeah, okay. I'll think about it."
He reached across the bed and switched the lamp off, then settled down, draping an arm over her waist. Kelby let her eyes drift shut, but her brain swirled, too much information battling for prominence. One phrase kept nudging to the forefront…
She still had red on her books and a toll to pay.
Walking away sounded tempting, but she didn't have the option.
And she won't for a while, even though she really wants to take Reave up on his offer. The big question is… how Reave responds when he wakes up alone. :D

That's it for the week.



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