Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Mocking with a Side of Sarcasm

Whew. How great did Arrow's episode seventeen turn out? Birds of Prey surpassed my expectations and blew my mind. Always love it when shows do that to me. J

Walking Dead also delivered a solid episode. I'm so ready for the finale tonight and crossing my fingers the group will all be together by the end of the episode… even though Terminus can't be a the refuge it's touted as being. Too easy, right? LOL

Bitten has one more episode and I'm dying to know if the show will be renewed. Still reading the books and there's a lot the producers can mine from the various storylines. I'll cross my fingers and hope for a green light on season two in the near future.

Tonight's post is from Mocking with a Side of Sarcasm, a novella where my heroine's world sort of falls apart.

Here's the tagline:

Bentley Briggs is snarky on a good day, but when she becomes mocking and throws out a side of sarcasm, Vasek Barrett wants to know why. He discovers a secret Bentley doesn't want him to know and she'll elevate her vitriol to an art form, but it won't keep Vasek from lending a hand.

And a preview snippet…

Vasek entered the Lamplighter, intent on finding a shot—no, several shots—of quality vodka to soothe away the stench of the day. He started toward the bar, but a ruckus near the pool tables caught his attention.
"You'd damned well better get your ass back to the Manor, Bentley."
At the mention of her name, Vasek's feet changed direction and he paused, propping a shoulder against the wooden jamb separating the area from the main bar. Teague stood across from her, the felted green top of the table acting as a buffer.
Not much of one. Vasek didn't need to see Bentley's face to know she'd leveled a death glare on Teague. The woman did not like to be ordered about. When she casually twirled the pool cue in her hand, Vasek braced for a brawl, but Bentley surprised him.
She planted the stick on the floor by her foot. "My ass doesn't feel like going back to the Manor, Teague. I think I'll stay." She grasped the cue firmly, angling it back and forth, drawing it close then pushing it away.
Teague crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Do you really wanna play the mocking game right now?"
Bentley shrugged. "I really want to play pool, Teague, and you're harshing my concentration." She tucked the cue under her shoulder. "There's nothing you need me for at the Manor tonight, so back off and leave me alone."
Teague's face went red. "You're pushing things a little too far, Bentley. You're pushing me a little too far."
Vasek had no idea what the hell he'd walked in on between the Master of Arms and his protégé, but something had to have gone down. Vasek focused on Bentley. Her rigid posture screamed tension and her coiled movements threatened to come unstrung at the slightest provocation. Vasek wondered which of the two would back down first.
Teague dropped his arms, his fingers flexing several times. "Bentley, you've got one hour to cool your temper and lose the attitude. If you're not in my office in sixty minutes, I'll send the hounds." Teague shot a look in Vasek's direction.
Vasek wisely kept his mouth shut, but he controlled the group of trackers they referred to as the hounds. Teague couldn't order them to do shit.
Bentley smirked, then lifted two finger to her forehead, giving Teague a mocking salute. "Yes, Sir." She spoke the words with a sneer.
Vasek widened his eyes. The undertone of anger and biting sarcasm piqued his curiosity. What had he missed?
Teague heaved a sigh and made his way around the pool table.
He paused at Bentley's side. "Don't be late, Bentley. I mean it."
She rolled her eyes and he shook his head, muttering under his breath when he stalked away.
Vasek waved a server over and ordered four shots of his favorite vodka.
Bentley lined up a shot on the table. "Are two of those for me?" She angled her head around to meet his gaze. "Because I could really use a double right now."

This is one of those 'start in the middle' WIPs. I had this scene in my head and it would not go away until I typed it out. LOL Took me a while, but I finally think I've got the beginning and the end to wrap around the middle. :D

That's it for this week.



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