Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Nothing But the Truth

May 18, 2014


Well, my show finales did not disappoint. S.H.I.E.L.D. did deliver an awesome ending to its first season. And, guys, Arrow pretty much blew me away. The fight scene between Deathstroke / Arrow superimposed on the Slade / Oliver island one counts as one of my very favorites of the entire series. I'm so excited to see where season three goes. As usual, Orphan Black gave me tons of stuff to speculate about and think on. My love for Paul grows every time he's on the screen, I kid you not. I WANT to know more about his background. I'm also completely turned around by Helena. That chick is off the charts insane, but she's also dead on with her observation skills. Seriously, I love her. LOL

Tonight's post is from Nothing But the Truth, a novella where my main characters get the chance to be who they actually are instead of who everything believes them to be.

Here's the tagline:

Lexa Chan and Quint Maximoff work the seedy underworld of supernatural bounty hunting. Lexa's got a tough as nails reputation and she competes with Quint's larger than life persona. The Halfway, a bar catering to supernatural and mortal beings, is neutral ground where Lexa and Quint form an interesting relationship.

Preview snippet…

Lexa tensed when Quint settled onto the barstool next to hers. Of all the nights for him to be in her face, he would pick the one she'd rather not have to maintain her kick ass first, take names second attitude.
She sighed and fought an urge to slump her shoulders in defeat. Instead she tilted her head from side to side, cracking her neck to relieve tension.
Quint shot her a sideways glance. "Looks like you could use a drink." He signaled the bartender. "But wait… you don't accept anything from anyone, right? Bribe, payoff, the gift of help." He sneered at the last part.
Lexa propped an elbow on the counter. "True, but in your case, I'll make an excpetion. You not one to offer anything for free, help included." She nodded toward the bartender and he got an extra shot glass. "Which I didn't need earlier, thank you very much."
Quint snorted. "Right. Tell me another one, Lexa. You didn't even see the second reaver lurking in the shadows."
The bartender filled both shot glasses and Quint tossed his back, tapping the bar for a refill.
Lexa traced her finger around the rim of the tumbler. "Didn't have to see him, Quint. I smelled him. Their stench travels a pretty fair distance. Once I got his partner under wraps and in cuffs, I planned to bag the one hiding behind the warehouse." She lifted the shot and drank it down in a long gulp.
Quint's hand paused, his drink halfway to his mouth. "Whatever you need to tell yourself, Lexa." But his eyes showed a flash of chagrin.
Damn straight, they should. And he'd never admit to being in the wrong. Of course, neither would she. The reputation she'd built over the years prevented her from admitting mistakes. Just one time would be all it took to bring every nut job paranormal idiot to her doorstep.
The bartender refilled Lexa's glass. "If you two are going to get started on a 'who's got the bigger one', take it to a private room." She jerked her head toward the bottles lined up in front of the mirror behind the bar. "If Frank has to replace anything back here, he'll come after both of you, regardless of your bad ass reputations." Her tone softened. "Besides, you both look like you need a night of nothing but the truth, and you can't do that sitting here, surrounded by a million ears."
Quint's lips twitched. "Good point." He glanced at Lexa, his brow lifted.
Lexa slid off her stool. "As long as you're buying, why not." She grabbed the bottle from the counter. "Put this on his tab, yeah?"
She didn't wait to see if Quint agreed or not and made her way to the last room at the end of the long corridor leading to the back exit. Twisting the knob, she entered, placing the bottle on the table by the door and shrugged out of her black trench coat. Flipping the light switch on, she hung the jacket on the row of pegs hanging on the wall, then she picked up the bottle and took a long swallow. She turned around slowly, wiping her mouth, when Quint entered the room and quietly closed the door. Silently, she held the alcohol in his direction.
He took the proffered offering, downing several gulps. He placed the heavy decanter on the table and removed his dark brown trench coat, hanging it beside hers on the wall. Rolling up his shirt sleeves, he took a moment to peruse the room, taking in the layout of the furniture—a bed and chest of drawers along the back wall, a television angled in the corner, flanked by two bookcases on either side, a small sofa lined the other wall with a chair situated next to the side for easy conversation.
Quint shot her a glance. "You've been here before."
Lexa shrugged. "A time or two." Her lips twisted. "When going to my place wouldn't have been a good choice."
Quint jerked his head in acknowledgment. "Yeah, nothing like bringing the job home, is there?"
Lexa studied him, not quite certain how to respond. Had they checked their alter egos, their work personas at the door? And if so, what did that mean? She had a naked and exposed feeling, probably because she sometimes didn't know who Lexa Chan should be when the day ended.

This one is very fun to write. The sages like the characters which is always a bonus.

That's it for this week.



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