Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Numb

Wow, survived something of a long week. Just now catching up on Orphan Black and again, this show eats my brain. I'm about halfway through this week's episode and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat as I type this. LOL

Tonight's post is from Numb, a novella where my hero and heroine sort of go through the motions because outside forces are wearing them down.

Here's the tagline:

Cyan Fitch and Theron Dibney have a great relationship—hot sex, rock solid friendship, and mutual respect. When a mostly lethal virus tears through their community, the couple works side by side to help as many as possible, but it takes a toll. They can't quite get comfortably numb while they face the devastating losses and neither is willing to bend for fear they'll break.

And a preview snippet…

Cyan grabbed hold of Theron and nudged him back against the wall. Her mouth met his in  a quick, hard kiss, enough of an indicator of what she needed. Too damn tired to speak, she worked the buttons of his shirt loose, spreading the material apart and lowering her head to nip along his collarbone.
Theron grasped her chin, making her glance upward. "That hurts, Cy." He grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it up and over her head. "Cut it out."
She rolled her eyes and unfastened his pants, sliding her hand under the material to grasp his erection. "Doesn't seem to matter. You're nice and hard."
Theron shoved his jeans down past his ass and let gravity take care of the rest. He reached for Cyan and hauled her close, one hand cupped her butt and the other bunched up the front of her skirt before dipping down under her panties. She sucked in a harsh breath when his fingers found her clit, the slippery wetness letting them glide over the bundle of nerves with ease.
His lips curved. "And you're wet and ready." He drew the cotton to one side and nudged her forward, dipping his hips and bracing his back against the wall.
She straddled his thighs and lifted up, guiding him into her, letting out a guttural moan when he thrust hard, going deep—exactly where she wanted him.
She rocked her hips, fisting her hands in his shirt. Theron flexed his hips and she arched her back, seeking the steady friction that would send each to the brink of release. They'd done fast and dirty so often lately he automatically grabbed her ass, holding her firmly in place. A few more bumps and one long grind pushed her over the edge. She straightened, burying her head between his neck and shoulder, the orgasm rocking through her body.
Theron pumped his hips hard and came, wrapping his arms around her waist before sinking to the floor. He threaded his fingers in her hair, dragging her head back to meet her mouth in thorough kiss.
When he came up for air, he whispered against her lips. "I miss taking my time, but I needed this." He rested his forehead against hers.
Cyan nodded. "Hard to go slow when we only have stolen moments." She snuggled closer. "We've only covered half the sanctum and time is so important."
Theron brushed his lips over her. "And the dead need to be buried and mourned." He sighed. "We've lost too many, Cy. They have to find a cure."

My poor duo can't quite connect, but at least they realize they're drifting apart. I'm so looking forward to bringing them close together again.

That's it for this week.



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