Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Quest for the Kingfish

EEK! I just realized we've only got around ten days before out school year starts. I'm both thrilled and freaked out. Thrilled because the structure is great for the kids. They know where they have to be and at what time. Freaked out because we still have supplies to buy and I'm booked solid and jammed up until after the first day. Poor planning on my part. LOL

As usual, some great TV this past week. The finale for Dominion left so many new questions and I hope we get a second season. I'd love to see more of this show. Really loving the twists and turns in Defiance, too. And The Last Ship is steadily becoming one of my favorite shows.

Filming has started on Sons of Anarchy, Bitten, Arrow and Flash. Fall can't quite get here soon enough.

Tonight's post is from Quest for the Kingfish, a novella with a dusty, old scroll sends my characters on a treasure hunt.

Here's the tagline:

Stevie Peel is a little bit backwards and standoffish, but she loves a good mystery. Griff Lannsiter takes an immediate liking to Stevie and when she finds an ancient scroll tucked into the dusty stacks of the research library, he offers his help on her quest to find the elusive Kingfish.

And a preview snippet…

Griff propped his head on his hand. "So this scroll is the answer to everything? Filled with cryptic clues and mumbo jumbo to find the mysterious Kingfish?" He quirked a brow. "Maybe I should take the dusty roll into protective custody."
Stevie snorted. "Forget you. I'm going to find the single most hunted and well-hidden artifact in our history." And put everyone else to shame.
Griff prodded her. "You sure about that?"
She gave an emphatic nod.
He flashed a grin. "Good. Want some help?" His free hand curved over her hip.
Stevie smirked. "Thought you'd never ask." She tucked the parchment under the bed and snuggled into Griff. "But it'll keep until the morning." Her lips trailed along his jawline. "Right now, I want something a little more tangible."
Griff's hand drifted around to cup her ass. "I think I can help provide what you're looking for." He leaned in, his mouth hovering close to hers.
She caught his lips in a hungry kiss and his erection bobbed against her stomach.
She eased away, reaching down to palm his length. "I'd say there's no doubt about that."
What's a little sex before going on a major quest, right?

That's it for this week.



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