Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Rapier's Edge

September 14, 2014


Argh. Super busy week so I missed the premiere of Haven and will hopefully be catching up tonight. But… I did NOT miss the opening episode of Sons of Anarchy. Holy hell. Without giving too much away, I wanted Gemma to die a slow painful death in the final frame of the series, but yeah, that's all changed. If died in the next episode it wouldn't be too soon for me. Take that as a challenge to change my mind, Mr. Sutter. Seriously.

Since I talked DC last week, I'll throw in my excitement for Marvel's Agents of SHEILD and Agent Carter. I think I'll like having Peggy take up the downtime between the two halves of AOS.

Tonight's post is from Rapier's Edge, a novella where my main characters start out on opposite sides, but quickly end up working together.

Here's the tagline:

Wren Buxton, an undercover fae agent, finds Jacob Franklin standing over a dead body. He resists her siren call and refuses to answer questions during her interrogation. Wren has a sneaking suspicion all isn't what it seems with the covert mercenary.

And the preview snippet…

Wren entered the dingy apartment, ready for action. Crouching low, her gaze swept the dim interior, landing on the prone form of Havish Smithreen then slid sideways to find a tall figure holding a bloodied knife just to the left. Wren let out a piercing pitch and the man dropped to his knees before keeling over to his side.
Working quickly, Wren grabbed her phone and called in a cleanup crew for Havish. The shaman didn't deserve to die by the blade and Wren planned to exact justice on his behalf and to make it happen, she'd have to interrogate the fallen assailant.
But not in Havish's home. Nope, she had just the spot in mind for her task. A nice abandoned warehouse with minimal power she jacked from a neighboring distribution center.
Moving forward, she lifted a booted foot in each hand and dragged the solidly built man the short distance to the front door. She didn't feel a single twinge of guilt when his head thumped against the wooden chair pushed up close to the café table. She'd shared many a morning coffee with Havish sitting in the very location. When she reached the heavy oak slab, blessed by an ancient ancestor, she cast a cover spell and resumed hauling her quarry out to her SUV. Getting him inside proved a huge challenge, but she got him trussed up in the back, using jumper cables to make sure he stayed put. The cleanup crew arrived directly after she slammed the back doors closed.
Wren jerked her head towards the apartment. "Take care with his body. He's a shaman."
The unit leader hustled over and tried to get a look inside Wren's vehicle. "Need any help?"
Thank the fae for blackout windows.
Wren waved the guy back. "No. This one's mine." She headed for the driver's side. "But tell the council I won't be reporting in until morning. I'll be holed up at location two."
The man frowned. "You really should take back up. Why not give me the address and I'll swing by when we're done here."
Wren exhaled slowly, keeping a tight rein on her temper. "Because I'm calling the shots here and the location is none of your business. I code them for a reason and the elders know where to find me if I don't call in."
He held up his hands. "Okay, okay. Have it your way." He shrugged a shoulder. "Just trying to help out." He started for the entrance of the building.
Wren fought the urge to roll her eyes. "Yeah, whatever. If I want help, I'll ask." She yanked the door open and swung up inside. "Don't forget. You're dealing with a holy man. Give him the utmost respect."
The unit leader nodded and ducked into the apartment. Wren sat for a moment then shut the world out and started the engine. She hummed a serenity ballad, hoping to keep her prisoner out cold until they reached her destination.
And to keep the desire to carve him into pieces at bay until she got the answers she needed.
Wren is calling the shots in this scene, but the tables get turned and she won't like it one little bit. *rubs hands gleefully*

That's it for this week.



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