Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Red Cap

September 21, 2014


Blargh. I'm still not caught up with Haven. I am, however, and probably as expected, up to date with Sons of Anarchy. Seriously, I have no idea where I want anyone except Gemma to end up. LOL Kudos to Charlie Hunnam for the primo job he's doing portraying Jax.

Sleepy Hollow starts Monday and I can't wait for more batshit insane goodness from that show. I'm so looking forward to November when I'm not working seven days a week and can really sit back and enjoy my shows.

Tonight's post is from Red Cap, an urban fairytale with the gender roles reversed in a retooling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Here's the tagline:

Magan Drone, a red-capped tree nymph, is tasked with protecting Cass Warrison, an earth sprite, from the wolf-shifter clan. Magan isn't thrilled with the duty—she and Cass share a complicated past—but her handy skill with a crossbow can stop an evil prophecy from coming to light. She'll do her job and save the day, but no way will she let Cass back into her life.

And a preview snippet…

Magan spun around. "You want me to do what?" She shook her head, certain she'd heard her uncle's orders the wrong way.
Milton crossed his arms over his chest. "You heard me, Magan. Cass Warrison is the target of the shifter clan and I want you to make sure he stays alive."
Magan snorted. "Why the hell should I?" If she had her way, she'd use him for shooting practice.
Milton growled. "Because if you don't, the shifters will fulfill the prophecy and take control of the realm. They'll no longer live on the fringe, but right in the heart of the enchanted woods. Is that what you want?"
Magan glanced away. "No, Uncle Milt."
She didn't want the wolf clan to take control of the forest. The nymphs and sprites enjoyed unlimited freedom and safety while in the magical woods. Only when they ventured out to the cities in human form did they have to worry about becoming prey for the shifters.
Her uncle laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Lass, I know what I'm asking of you won't be easy, but Cass can't fall to the she wolves." He heaved a sigh. "If I could trust anyone else with the task, I wouldn't send you."
Magan met his gaze. "Yes, you would. I'm the best you have." She dragged in a deep breath. "But you'd better be ready when I come back. Whenever Cass and I cross paths, one of us ends up bloody and beaten." Her eyes narrowed. "You'll either be stitching me up or holding me back."
Milton nodded. "I'll be here, Magan, and ready for whatever you bring with you."
She turned away and rolled her eyes. Magan suffered no illusion when it came to her uncle. If he had to hand over her head on a pike to keep the peace, he would. But he'd raised her to understand leadership came with sacrifice and almost always had a personal cost.
Her time to pay up arrived in the form of the man who once held her heart before casting it away.
Cass Warrison better damn well appreciate the expense.
I love playing in fairytale land and this one is great fun to write.

That's it for this week.



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