Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Standard: Meet Stacie Williams

To celebrate my Halloween-centric novella, A Magical Affair, I wanted to do something a little fun.

To that end, I'm starting a new blog feature called the Saturday Standard. Each week one of my pseudonyms will conduct an interview with one of the characters of a featured story.

This week… Stacie Williams will be answering questions about spending the weekend with Romy Bludd and Heath Graystone.

Let's get to it…


Skye Ritchey: Hello, Stacie. I'm so glad you could take some questions.
Stacie Williams: Hi. I'm thrilled to answer.
Skye: First up, what do you do for a living?
Stacie: I'm a global networking liaison for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. That means I get to travel. A lot.
SR: Really? Go anywhere interesting?
SW: I just returned from Japan. Spent ten months training and learning their culture.
SR: Wow. That sounds pretty wonderful.
SW: Honestly? It was terrific. I got to experience so many new things.
SR: Always a bonus, right? Which segues nicely into my next question. What made you decide to take your friend, Romy, up on her unique off to spend the weekend at a magical mansion?
SW: Are you kidding? Have you seen Heath? The man is primo. And he's a great guy, to boot.
SR: I have, yes. And you're correct. Heath is truly a wonderful man.
SW: I couldn't be happier for him and Rom, and that's why I decided to participate in a romp-filled weekend. Romy loves to push the envelope and Heath always goes along for the ride. When she asked, I didn't need my arm twisted to say yes.
SR: But you had some concerns, right?
SW: I did, yes. Romy is my best friend. I needed to make sure she really wanted me to be their third, so to speak.
SR: Sounds like it worked out rather well for all involved.
SW: You have no idea.

But you can have an idea… read all about Stacie's super steamy weekend with Romy and Heath in A Magical Affair.

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I hope you enjoyed the inaugural edition of the Saturday Standard. Stay tuned for more next week with Heath.

Thanks for reading!



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