Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Ringside Seats

October 5, 2014


Ugh. I got a few days off and decided to get a nasty cold. LOL Nothing like mixing sinus meds with everything else. :D

This week in TV is almost a bust. I don't think I've watched anything in real time, with the exception of Sons of Anarchy. No comment from me, but my big wish from a few weeks ago still holds true AND I'm pretty sure Jax is fighting a war from within. We'll find out if I'm on the right track soon. J

Arrow premiers this week and hopefully I'll be home to watch it live. I can't wait. And this time next week should see The Walking Dead gracing my screen again. YAY!

Tonight's post is from Ringside Seats, a short story where expending magical energy is like foreplay for my main characters.

Here's the tagline:

An unclaimed attraction leads to some aggressive flirting in the apprentice's ring, when Vita Morj and Keb Pennyson are challenged to see who'd win in a magical bout. It may end up a draw, because neither opponent plans to give quarter.

And a preview snippet…

Vita raised her hands and drew on the energy in the ring. A small fireball formed and grew, then split into three parts. Each piece floated outward, spinning and growing larger. When they hovered in the center of the ring, she flung her arms wide to unleash each one on Keb.
He easily dodged the orbs of flame and sent a power ball of water shots to rain down atop her head. The stinging orbs drenched her face and shoulders and Vita retaliated by flicking her wrist and sweeping Keb off his feet to land face first in the smoldering ash from her earlier missiles. That should take him a moment to recover.
But he surprises her, flipping his body over and waving a hand. Lightning zapped down from the rafters and she got a jolt when it hit the water pooled at her feet. Damn the man. She needed to bring out the big guns. Taking a moment to regroup, she shook off the tingly sensation and gathered up as much energy as she could muster then pushed outward. Keb went flying, smashing into the protective mesh surrounding the confines of the arena.
She didn't pause, following up with a water trick of her own, dousing him each time he tried to stand. He whirled in a crouched position and flung out a hand, knocking her back with a burst of energy. She landed on her ass with a hard thud then scrambled to get up before he could make another move.
Keb lifted a brow when he stood and faced her. "Had enough?"
She smirked and flexed her fingers. "No way.
Gotta say… magical bouts are really fun to write. :D

That's it for this week.



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