Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Rumpled and Worn

October 12, 2014


Wow, what a week in TV. The Flash and Arrow premieres rocked pretty much the whole week. I'm all caught up on Haven, Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of SHIELD. Sons of Anarchy had a solid episode and The Walking Dead premieres tonight!!


The cast of Bitten went to the New York Comic Con and images and interviews are lining up on my Tumblr dashboard. I also got my season one DVDs this week. Rewatch ahoy!

Thinking it's a good time to dust of my recap blog and get back doing Arrow and Bitten recaps, along with maybe a weekly roundup to include The Flash. I may also vent my frustration with the new series of Doctor Who… or not. Who knows. LOL

Tonight's post is from Rumpled and Worn, a twisted retelling of the Rumplestilskin tale.

Here's the tagline:

Lindie Lands strikes a deal with the Rumpleman—keep her crazy stalker at bay and she'll hand over the first man she falls for. But when she finally finds a lasting love with Cole Darrington, she's not willing to give him up and together they outsmart the Rumpleman.

And a preview snippet…

Lindie tore down the alley and skittered to a halt. Shit. Trapped. She glanced around, looking for an outlet or an opening between buildings. Heart racing, she listened for the sound of footsteps, and sure enough, they drew nearer.
"Dammit, Lindie. Why didn't you check for dead ends?" She chastised herself and made a dash for the dumpster behind an Asian restaurant.
Maybe if she ducked down low and squeezed into the dark corner, her stalker would think she'd kept going down the street.
The footfalls slowed, pausing at the entrance to the alley. Lindie took what she hoped were shallow breaths, but her heartbeat pounded so loudly in her ears she couldn't tell.
Bony fingers wrapped around her wrist and only jamming her hand in her mouth kept her from screaming out loud. Lindie jerked away from a tiny man whose eyes showed more fear than menace. He made a shushing sound and motioned for her to crawl through a narrow opening into the building the trash container butted up against. With little choice—her stalker had entered the alley—she wriggled through the gap and tumbled downward, striking her knees on a hard concrete floor. Her rescuer reached upward will a long dowel rod and flipped a heavy tarp over the space.
Lindie scrambled backwards, fearing he might strike her with the wood.
He frowned and shook his head. "You have nothing to fear from me, dearie." He wobbled over toward a small workbench and plopped down on a three-legged stool. "You looked like you need a bit of help."
She blew out a relieved sigh. "I do thank you." She glanced up at the heavy fabric and kept her voice low. "I have a stalker and the guy won't leave me alone. I've tried everything to ward him off." She counted on her fingers. "Ignoring him didn't work. A temporary restraining order has done nothing and short of having my own protection squad, I can't think of what else I can do." She stopped for a moment. "But I can't, no won't, let him keep me from going to work and living life."
The tiny, old man tsked. "You've got yourself a mighty big problem, miss." He cocked his head sideways. "I might be able to offer some assistance."
Lindie had no idea what he thought he could do, but asked anyway. "Really, how?"
I love taking an established story and putting my own spin on it. This one is very fun to dive into.

That's it for this week.



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