Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Storm Down the Drain

I love crossovers on television. The Flash and Arrow had a character crossover this week and it was great to watch. I think my all-time favorite might be the Homicide and Law and Order crossover. Can't really say why, but that one always sticks out in my mind when I think about the various shows that use them.
I caught a marathon of Covert Affairs on Cloo this weekend and quite enjoyed it. I usually catch shows like White Collar and Covert Affairs on Netflix or when other networks run blocks of programming. I wish networks like BBC America would offer more options than Top Gear and whatever Gordon Ramsey show, which I've seen multiple times and could care less about. Honestly, with the vast library the BBC has, isn't there anything else they could put on during the day?

Enough television, tonight's post is from Storm Down the Drain, an urban noir novella.

Here's the tagline:

On a dark and stormy night, Brooks Algonquin knocks on Velvet Strong's door and asks her to help him find the Burmesian Raven, an antiquity with magical qualities. Velvet takes his case, but quickly learns Brooks has ulterior motives for acquiring the artifact stolen from his family.

And a preview snippet…

Brooks Algonquin finally dodged his shadow—the standard bodyguard his father required—by ducking into an all-night noodle shop filled with customers getting out from a popular band's concert. He had someone he needed to see on the QT and hoped like hell they'd be available at the odd hour.
He exited into the alley from the back entrance and sprinted up two blocks. Cut through another causeway and found the address he'd committed to memory earlier—17 Spruce Street, Suite C, Second Floor, Rear. He glanced in both directions before climbing the stairs and entering the building. A long hallway branched off in two directions, Suite C to the left and D to the right. He turned and tried the door to Stong Investigations. Locked. Brooks knocked, but no one answered.
He cursed the late hour. "Dammit."
A small mail slot in the door gave him an idea. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a card. He'd leave his contact information and ask the investigator to call. He pushed the brass plate in, ready to drop his message through when the door at the other end of the hall opened.
A vision of sultry womanhood cocked her head to one side. "Is there something I can help you with?"
Brooks swallowed hard and fought the kick of lust bursting through his veins. He had a penchant for blondes with svelte curves, and the flowing purple negligee with a shimmering orange robe over top hugged an hourglass figure.
He blinked, clearing his head. "Er, no. Thank you. I'd like to hire Strong Investigations to find something." He held up the card. "I'll just leave a message."
A slow, sly smile curved the woman's lips. "Based on your looks alone, it's a safe bet Ms. Strong will be happy to find whatever you're looking for."
He bit back a grin, certain he'd stumbled into good luck. "She'd best hear the details first. The work could get dangerous."
The woman took two steps out into the corridor. "Dangerous?" She waved back and forth. "She'd consider anything perilous a bonus."
Brooks quirked a brow. "Really?" He moved forward. "Is the woman sane?"
She paused and tilted her head to one side. "The last time I checked." Straightening, she continued in his direction, meeting him halfway. "Velvet Strong." She held out her hand. "I'll take the case."
Brooks grasped her palm, tugging her closer. "Brooks Algonquin. And you haven't heard the details yet."
Her eyes widened, the only indication she'd heard his family name before. She pushed against his chest, backing up. "Why don't you fill me in over coffee?" She nodded toward Suite D.
Brooks inclined his head. "After you." He followed her into the space she called home, enjoying the sway of her hips under the satiny fabric.
He had a sneaking suspicion Velvet Strong would turn his world upside down.
And he didn't mind one damn bit.

I love writing with a noir feel. I'm actually hoping I can tie some of my stories together in a series.

That's it for this week.



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